I can tell the summer is here!

popsicle.jpgHow can I tell, aside from the fact that I am melting? Because in the absence of teachers, lunch room attendants, volunteer, student teachers and after-school moms, I am the target for all of Luka’s questions, wheedlings, pleadings, declarations and weird statements. This weekend (which really was only two days long, but seemed l . . o . . n . . g . . e . . r . . ) included:

“Do you know that at the Lodge last year Graydon sold three frogs to Uncle Ed for five bucks?!?!? So Uncle Ed could kill them by catching fish with them?!?!? Graydon doesn’t think much of a frog’s life.”

“Did you know that you only have to get your eyes checked every 10 years?”

“Some water types weakness is grass.”

“Tessa called herself a fathead. I have never heard someone sell themselfs [sic] so short.”

“I used to like red berries. Why don’t I like them now?”

“If I got up late, why do I have to go to bed early? That does not make sense.”

“Why do you make a list of jobs to do?”

“Why did you make us a list of jobs to do?”

“Why do I have to work when it’s vacation?”

“Why do you make jobs for me in the backyard when you know I hate bugs?”

“Why do bugs like me so much?”

“Why do bugs bug people? Hey, get it??? Bugs bug people! Bugs bug! Bugs bug!

The summer looks so, so long.


Don’t get me wrong! I love kids’ questions! They keep you thinking and reasoning and looking at everything from different angles. Mental and emotional gymnastics for a loving and attentive audience. It’s one of the best parts of parenting!


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  1. I love the red berries question.

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