Best insurance in the world: dance lessons OR Tessa’s final showcase 2008


Tessa and her favourite jump, in her studio, Etobicoke School of Dance.
The Big Showcase was Wednesday night, at Leah Posluns Theatre, and she shone. Her dad’s parents came, along with dad, us and two of Tessa’s best friends. Laura and Kara acted as programme girls, I showed in a couple of latecomers, and then on with the show.

Did Tessa dominate the program? Absolutely! She danced in 10 of 39 numbers, one of them a solo, and two duets, and three trios. Nine complete costume changes, one of them with only one dance in between. She also choreographed one of the trios, and one hip-hop number for a class she taught. WHEW!

The smile on her face was real, not a rehearsed one for the judges. She was beaming. And once again, it struck me that the dance lessons over all the years were worth it—as insurance to protect her happiness and creative energy and artistic spirit. So far, the lessons have also prevented cigarette and dope smoking—the temple of the body must be honoured, and you can’t do that and smoke too.

Tessa after the show, with Grandpa and Grandma Vintar.

Once dad gave her yellow roses and I snapped 40 or 50 photos of everyone hugging everyone else, and posing with flowers, and friends, we headed to where Tessa had chosen to celebrate the crowning dance night of the year: Kentucky Fried Chicken. An act of complete and utter defiance? No, just wild abandon—bring on the fat, I’ve got weeks to work it off! Plus she finds that KFC actually soothes her stomach.

What does the Colonel put in that secret recipe?!?!?

And so ends my Friday post, with no admonishments to not fight this weekend, no huge to-do lists, just a big smile and hugs for my three kids and their accomplishments this week.

And a promise to you, that I will stop using this blog as a bragging spot!

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, my goodness what a move! You must be so proud!

  2. YAY & CONGRATULATIONS TO TESSA!!!!!! I wish I’d been able to be there to see it all because it sounds like it was amazing to watch Tessa dance and to see her so happy.
    Also, please keep bragging!!! It’s so wonderful to hear of the successes that our kids have, I for one, vote yes that you keep writing about them!!!

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