WFMW: Every kid deserves a trophy

wfmwbanner1.jpgMy competition dancer daughter, Tessa, has many trophies. Graydon has a soccer trophy or two, plus a fabulous YOU KICKED CANCER’S BUTT! trophy. Luka, who has been very resistant to joining soccer, baseball or anything that gives out awards, had none. But he deserves one for being the sweetest kid in the world, so this is what I did: I checked out garage sales, found an excellent non-sport-themed trophy for 75¢. I used my favourite gadget, the Brother P-Touch 2000, and made a metallic “Luka: The Best Little Boy” label for the front. At first I thought I’d get it engraved, but Luka said no way, he likes it the way it is. Just another reason why he is the best!

So this summer, check out your garage and yard sales and get creative with the awards—every kid deserves at least one.

What do you think? Want more tips? Click over to Shannon’s blog for tons more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.

And check in tomorrow for web editor Helen, who’s currently in training for momdom and will be guest blogging on mom-to-be stuff!


6 Responses

  1. Great idea! And at this time of year, when all the kids are finishing school, it’s a timely reminder for teachers too. I’ve sat through too many elementary school award ceremonies where the same kids get the same awards at the end of each year, and some child cries because they never hear their name called.

    When I was a child and graduated, every child received an award…all deserving. Sure, there were the usual Best at sports, science, math, etc. But, my teachers got creative and gave awards for most improved in all those areas, best handwriting, best individual art effort, best individual story writing effort, etc. We don’t need to falsely praise, but with minimal effort, everyone can be made to feel special.

  2. Robin, thank you so much for the compliment! I remind myself every day that the job of mom (well, the job of parent, actually, but my specialty is mum) is the most important in the world. I treasure your comment.

    Angela, you had excellent teachers working on that all-important self-esteem thing. So smart! I have never been a classroom teacher, but from years of volunteering in classrooms, you can see how every child has strengths that can be praised and inclinations that can be nurtured. Recognition of specialness and success is SO important for kids. Now, here’s a nosy question, but I’d love to know—what was your award???

    Thanks so much for writing, guys (or girls) (or gurlz!).

  3. That’s why your the Mommy Blogger. You’re a fantastic mother! What a fantastic idea.

  4. I do woodworking and every once in a while I used to make a silly little ornament and on it went something for a child to put on the shelf that was just for him.
    So it doesn’t have to be a trophy. A young girl might like to see a doll placed on a stand saying how great she looked dressed up for the dinner out. Especially if she hated getting dress up instead of blue jeans.
    Or a small paperback book with a sticker saying you are so happy he read to his younger brother.

    All children deserve praise so don’t confine it to your own.
    A neighbour child who comes over and doesn’t pick all your flowers.
    A child who is walking their dog and never lets it leave a reminder he has been by.

  5. Well, I was one of the lucky kids that did well at school and got awards. At our Grade 6 graduation, I got a medal for being the top girl in school. But I remember that everyone got some award that suited them. That my teachers took the time to do that still impresses me.

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