Friday was a BIG day: focus on each kid!

Cookies for Graydon’s school closing ceremonies—flowers, stars and ice cream cones—and initial cookies for my friend’s five-year-old Antonia’s birthday party on Saturday)

The Friday sked was jam-packed with special parental moments, so jam-packed that this post reaches you three days late! But it’s here…

Friday morning was the closing ceremony for the school year at Graydon’s school. Tessa and I attended, and it was a moving, entertaining and inspiring time—each student was called up and his or her teachers spoke about them, how long they’d been there, their strengths, their successes; there was a slideshow that showed the kids through the year, and then, lunch! A huge cake (what’s a party without one?), make-your-own sandwiches, jerk chicken and so much fruit I think everyone got their 5—10 servings in one meal. I videotaped the ceremony (Graydon is in Grade 9, so he wasn’t graduating, but he got his time and the stage and I got it on film) but both Tessa and I screwed up at the festivities—we got pictures of him with his buddies and teachers, but not one of mum, son and sister. And my hair looked good and I had makeup on. Isn’t that always the way? It’s yet another reminder that it is not all about me. Harumph!

After that fun and fruit extravaganza (and Graydon’s teachers are patient souls, and I thank every one of them), it was time to head to primary school (without Tessa, I did this one alone) to hear the results of my seven-year-old Luka’s psycho-social-educational-cognitive-processing-learning-abilities testing. That is not what’s it’s called, I just cannot remember which of those words apply and in which order. And I can’t share any of what I learned until I process it, and that’ll take a few days. I can say I am relieved and happy that he is an intelligent little guy who has made some real friends this year. Tomorrow is play day at his school, and Wednesday is the last day of school!

After an hour-plus of being very serious and keeping my head together with Luka as the focus, it was shift again, this time to Tessa. She had a photo shoot (is that music to an artsy 16 year old’s ears?) at her dance studio, with her as the subject. Secret, secret as to why, but she “worked” with the photographer and he was very happy with the results. Then we followed the photographer to a restaurant where he shot a photo of Tessa and me having what I was hoping would look like an intense discussion, but I know looked like we were goofing off, which is what we do best, so at least it was honest!


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