The bunny chewed on my homework

images-3.jpgYesterday I was all full of energy and positive Mummying and runaway enthusiam when I said the subject of today’s posting would be Thank You notes for Luka’s birthday gifts. Brides get a month to get that junk together, and I give myself one evening?!?!

What was I thinking? I forgot that Tessa (my staff photographer) had a dance performance last night, and she is the keeper of her camera. I won’t touch it. So, no photos out to parents to ask for permisssion to post here.

Plus, after getting Luka after school we had to do groceries and fisheries (groceries for fish, btw), because even though I did clean the tank after the Father’s Day Fatality, I threw away the blue filter thing before realizing I didn’t have a replacement, so the water was getting murky again, and both lamps burned out, so the fish were bumping around in the dark and no one seemed too happy. After we went to the stores—where we purchased the dwarf gourami you saw at the start of the post, a real little cutie, Luka says—we came home, ate, played with some birthday presents, talked about what kind of Thank You cards to make once we have the photos, then it was bed, then it was kitchen clean-up, a full glass of old chocolate milk spilled behind the kitchen table, one load of laundry, and so there’s my post. You have every right to feel cheated, I do.

Hey! I had some truly excellent replies to Luka’s birthday party post “You know it was a good party when…” Great ideas for the next kid party you have coming up, and some thoughts on why there seems to be a move to opening presents after the party. I still say it’s equally important to know how to give and how to receive, so I’m on the “Open! Open! Open!” side. Check out the replies, and leave one of your own if you’re in the mood.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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