The weekend is here! Yahoo! To-do list supreme!

Once upon a time, the weekend started Friday morning, with casual duds, super-relaxed mindset for The Office, lunch out with workmates and trying to figure out what work could be done Sunday night so I could duck out early Friday afternoon.

New scenario. Up at 5:30, do work work, some housework (dishes, make lunches, load of laundry), feed bunnies Flopsy and Liz, feed kitty Angel, feed fish, make sure three new snails and CRAB!!! are still alive, check birthday-boy RSVPs, and MAKE WEEKEND TO-DO LIST.

1. Tally RSVPs, determine # of loot bags.
2. Hit Party Packagers for the final loot bag components.
3. Make loot bags.
4. Luka—birthday boy celebrating his 7.5 birthday (his real birthday is Dec. 21, and I will not lump his birthday party into the insanity that is holiday time, so it’s family party in December and friend birthday in June)—will do designs for his cake, which we will evaluate for possible creation.
5. Tessa to file/recycle all her Grade 11 stuff.
6. Gardening: flowers (bye-bye tulips until next year, hello beautiful irises and some white flower edging plants), veg—real ones (planting the little seedlings from indoors to outdoors).
7. Make major headway on 2006 taxes.
8. Clean fish tank.
9. Explore a couple of cool things for future blogs.
10. Clean kitchen, including parts of the floor that usually escape.

Wish Graydon luck today: he’s having a test at Sick Kids that will take three to six hours. It’s going to feel like old home week (love the people, don’t like the memories).


Have an excellent, productive or totally lazy weekend. Talk to you Monday!



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