Teenage gurl talk in the car


Conversation in the car this morning:

“This iPod only works when I hold it this certain way.”
“That’s a pain!”
“And I love this song!”
“Oh, I do too!”
“Me too!”
“Ha! That’s funny!”
“I have to put on my mascara.”
“What’ll I do with this stupid iPod that only works when I hold it this way?”
“Maybe the radio?”
“Yes! Hey! The iPod works when I put it between my thighs!”
“That’s funny!”
“Hee hee hee heeeeeeeeee!”
“Hey, I love that song.”
“Me too!”
“I forgot my mascara. Great. Now I’m going downtown naked.”
“You can use mine.”
“Isn’t that unsanitary?”
“I’ve only used it once.”
“OK, then that’s cool. I don’t have any eye diseases. Ow! This road is bumpy. I could poke my eye out!”
“You’d have to buy me a new mascara.”
“Of course!”
“Do you have a bandaid?”
“I have everything in my purse—kleenex, bandaids, Purell, bugspray, sunscreen, antiscratch cream, AfterBite—I stopped carrying my tensor bandages though.”
“Why? They’re good.”
“You know those little sharp teethy things? They kept falling to the bottom of my purse. I was afraid to go down there.”
“Hey! Remember when you had that rusty pin in your purse?”
“We were all scared of that!”
“I always worried that I’d get rabies. Or something.”
“Yeah, rabies, that would be the worst…”

These “gurlz” are exhibiting that yearly “Oh my God exams are over and now my brains can run out my ears and I won’t care!” elation.

I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Summer full speed ahead!

They were heading downtown to shop. What did YOU do after you wrote your last exam? Take a trip back and let me know!


One Response

  1. This is amazing!!!!!! all girls need their makeup and good mascara and no rabies! schools out!

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