Super eight-year-old birthday party!


Luka went to the coolest birthday party this weekend. Tessa and I stayed for the entertainment, and was it fabulous! The kids were transfixed, sat on their butts when told to, kept quiet when told to, and learned tons of neat facts in the process. In honour of Monday morning, I’m posting the pics Tessa took, with many thanks to the birthday boy and his parents for being so generous.

This is a blue-tongued skink. The tongue IS blue, frighteningly so! Luka thought this was a great lizard because it peed RIGHT THERE! And I think another skink did the same thing. It must be a party trick! Go figure popularity at that age. The two animal handlers/wranglers went around the seated circle of kids, in opposite directions, so each child had the choice of looking very closely, touching, or going all the way and picking up the animal in question.


This is a constrictor of some kind (my mind doesn’t function optimally when there’s a snake in the room). When the kids handled this fella, he did wrap and constrict, and it was very cool. The blue carpet is part of the visiting service, in case of skink-slip-ups (see above). Just here, below, you’ll see some tentative touching and testing of weight.


That’s my nature-boy Luka, checking out the constrictor. When I saw the two of them together, I thought Luka might have dressed for an impromptu job interview—he sure looked like a pro in the khakis and camouflage (“and Mum, it doesn’t matter how hot it is, you have to wear long sleeves when you’re handling animals,” he instructed me as he got dressed that morning).


I think this little cockatiel’s name is Happy, and he was! Check out the crown feathers—a sign of his interest in the crowd. And that was after he went AWOL into the kitchen and waited to be fetched back.


No animal show is complete without a tortoise, and it was a highlight for Luka, who has counted turtles and tortoises as his top fave reptiles ever since we took our Make_A-Wish trip to Atlantis and he named all the turtles and tortoises on the grounds (yes, there were hundreds of them and he was 5, so there were a LOT of Pikachus and YuGiOhs).

And here he is.


I have to give props to the company Creature Quest and the informative young man and woman who took care of the animals. They’re based in Mississauga, but there are companies like this across Canada who can turn a birthday party into a learning experience, and the kids will barely suspect it!

Just to be sure, I Googled  “calgary children’s birthday parties animals,” got a ton of hits, then popped in another 10 or so Canada towns and got hits from Cinemazoo in Surrey, B.C., to the Moncton SPCA, which hosts animal birthday parties (for kids to see the animals, and I guess, vice versa)

Excellent, excellent party. A++.


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  1. What a fabulous idea!

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