WFMW: Enter this contest to cure kids’ summer boredom

wfmwbanner1.jpgIt’s Works for Me Wednesday, and Shannon’s blog carnival has a theme today: how to keep kids from getting bored this summer. Once you’ve read my post, and commented if you’ve got the time, click through to her site to find several hundred more ideas to keep kids busy!

Nothing beats a brand-new game or craft or activity to get kids enthusiastic about the day ahead. I have an eagle eye on the clearance toy section at my favourite Winners stores, and a couple of craft and teacher supply stores. I’ve scored games like Sponge Bob Square Pants Scavenger Game, bingo and Simpson’s Monopoly for ridiculous prices, as well as fabric, trim, paints, unfinished boxes and frames, “jewels” and all types of craft items. I just pack tham away for when the time is right.

And here’s the deal for this post: enter our contest and you could win a Loonies for Littles by Stampin’ Up! stamping kit worth $32.50! Then you can put it away for a day when the kids start that “We’ve done everything already, twice” routine.


It works for me every time. Enter and it could work for you!


2 Responses

  1. Great idea. My 7yr old was recently given a scrapbook for her birthday. I love that she is old enough to work on it by herself. It is great to see her being proud of her accomplishment. Plus, the scrapbook is tidy and easy to store on the bookshelf.

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