Mom blog: Because I Said So! Mum’s Day presents

dscf2946.jpgI often say at the end of a posting, pics to come tomorrow, and then like the “I’ll call you! We’ll get together for drinks!” that never happens, so do my photos. But those days are gone. We now have a little light table and two lights, and for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling prepared for something other than disaster!

dscf2954.jpgHere goes:
I love having lots of fun, weird things at my desk to fiddle with and study while on hold, or waiting for a file, or so I don’t have to constantly doodle. Luka knows that, hence his “bought” present this year (as seen above), complete with a lime slice and strawberry stuck inside. He decorated his flowerpot with the mystery seeds with a series of Js so it would be “just for you and no one at your office can steal it.” (Such a suspicious mind! I’ve never even heard of theft at my three-day-a-week office, let alone brought home any stories.)

His card. My three wishes for Mother’s Day were kisses, hugs and a clean house. I laughed until I cried.

Tessa knows I love sparkly things, and that’s what she had in mind with this. She glued those butterflies on herself, with great difficulty since the glue was craft glue (missing: one much-loved glue gun) and the butterflies slipped no matter what she did. It was a true labour of love. I think I’ll take it to the office and use it for business cards. Maybe I’ll have a draw every so often and take myself out for lunch.

Her card was a time-intensive project too, since she did all the cutting freehand. The note inside, which I will not reproduce, brought tears to my eyes for a totally different reason than Luka’s. She is such a prize, my Tessa (note that her name, spelled backwards, is “asset.” That wasn’t the reason she got the name).

I finished the end of the smoked salmon (from breakfast in bed on Sunday) this morning at 4:30. Time to move on to my birthday, in just 2.5 weeks. Such an embarrassment of riches. Yeehaw!


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  1. I miss those days of getting the hand made gifts. The recipe card holders, the painted wooden trivets, the puzzle that when put together was a big heart with an “I love you mommy”. I think one of the best one year was a mason jar with a mix of dry ingredients for making muffins. The directions were printed out neatly in the accompanying Mother’s Day card. Neat huh? That grade 2 teacher was the best.

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