Mom blog: Because I Said So! Mother’s Day

images-8.jpgI hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, or Grandmother’s Day, or Auntie’s Day. Mine started with breakfast in bed (actually, mine started at 2:00 a,m. when Tessa came rushing into my bedroom in a panic over a fish-tank trauma, but I’m saving that for another day. This is an uncomplicated Mother’s Day post). I was served smoked salmon and capers with cream cheese on a lightly toasted sesame bagel, accompanied by a champagne flute with bubbly.

I got a hand-painted flower pot with seeds (not the original forget-me-not seeds, because Luka dropped his present on the way home and all the soil fell out onto the road and I’m told it as a very tearful time, but a friend helped get more soil and put in some seeds of unknown origin—could be cabbage, flowers, carrots, grass, my friend is no gardener and popped what ever she found in an unmarked seed envelope into the pot) and a pretty paper flower on top. Heartfelt cards followed (Luka’s gave me three wishes for Mother’s Day that all the kids filled in how they liked: he put XXXXXX on the first page, OOOOOOOO on the second page, and “a clean house” on the third page. Score!

Later we went shopping to Winner’s so Tessa could find me something new to wear, since we determined I had all the Crabtree & Evelyne stuff I need until my birthday. I brought home lots of stuff to try on. We has a sushi dinner at home, with strawberry shortcake and caramel drizzled all over. I’ll have pics tomorrow! Even my ex called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, and so he should, since we owe each other a great deal for creating such incredible kids!

Hope you got and gave a lot of hugs.


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  1. I slept til noon and when I came downstairs there was a relatively fresh pot of coffee and the kitchen was clean. That’s all I could ask for for Mother’s Day. It was perfect.

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