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Mom Blogger JacquelynGhosties in the machine
In this cool illustration of me, designed and executed by my sister Juli, I have my eyes closed. Well for the last few days not only have my eyes been closed but I’ve had blinders on as well. It looks like this week I’ve been posting into the ether. I saw my posts, I saved and published my posts, but no one else has seen them. I sent a file home from The Office yesterday night, worked on it for a good three and a half hours, then sent it back to myself this morning. The file that was waiting for me at my desk had a different name, but the content was the text I’d been working on. Spooky.

Blame the computer?
I’d like to. When the dishwasher died, I didn’t blame myself. When the TV died an absolutely long and protracted death over a four-month period, I didn’t blame myself. But the computer? I blame myself entirely, and I don’t know why. Maybe because the computer has the upper hand, and he knows it? It is a Mac, after all.

Back to my sister, Juli
Juli does some of the most delightful and clever illustration work I’ve ever seen. You can currently see it two places on the web, here and here. I know you can see it many more places, but these are at my fingertips now.

Sibling jealousy
I have a goodly amount of this in my kids, and all for understandable reasons. Does this die when you are grown up? No. I am jealous of Juli for her artistic imagination and ability and her way with her son Nicolas, who is somewhere on the autistim rainbow. I’m jealous of Heidi for her business organization, the state of her house and her cooking and holidays. I’m jealous of my brother Ed because he just keeps on rolling with the punches and makes lots of money at the same time. How does he do that?!?

Caught up yet?
Did you do your taxes? Are you happy about the 7 days of grace for e-filers? Did you plant before the frost? Do you still have leaves from 2007 to rake up? Could you give a hoot about Miley’s bare back? Call me a bad mum, but Britney and her troubles can get me all twisted up, while Miley’s shoot seems pretty cold and calculated.

All done
So my posts of this week are a thing of the past, we’re all caught up now, and I’m sorry if you came to visit and I wasn’t here. I’ll do my best to see it doesn’t happen again! Say Hi! in the comment box, or drop me a private line at


4 Responses

  1. Yes, I’d wondered where you went, Jacquelyn. I guess we all run the risk of getting lost in cyber world these days.

    As for sibling rivalry…I guess it never goes away completely, does it? But the reality is (if we’re smart) we learn how to use their talents for our own good, don’t we. My sister is one of those people that every kid loves. I have to drag my two back from her place when they go there for “holidays.”

    Taxes done (right to the wire as usual)! Would have planted before the frost, but was doing taxes. While completing my forms (and thus obtainng my Post Doctorate Degree in advanced level math) I remember thinking that all adults surrounding Mylie and Britney should be jailed for some form of abuse intended only to line their own pockets…as should members of the media who continue to use these as excuses for stories. Oops, gotta go. My Vanity Fair magazine just arrived!

  2. Angela, that’s a good one! I buy that title newsstand only—image and coverlines must be compelling enough to make me purchase.

    The happy/sad thing about that time in the ether was that I wasn’t even aware of it. I thought I was zipping right along. No helplessness, no frustration, at least until I made the discovery. But it’s back on now!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Awwwh, that’s so sweet that you’re jealous!

  4. As if you didn’t already know!

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