Mom blog: Because I Said So! Spring has sprung…

Mom Blogger JacquelynMad linkage from yesterday’s vaccination posting
I said I would have links and here you are:
• National Immunization Awareness Week (it goes until the April 26, so you still have a day or more of festivities
• immunization schedules for infants and children (and adults and travellers too)
• frequently asked questions from the Public Health Agency of Canada
• the Mother of All Immunization Trackers Web Site, where you can plug in your kiddies’ shots info and stop cursing yourself for “putting that yellow folder in a safe place.”
• and thank you, Dave, for an excellent roundup.

Who wrote this?
Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where the boidies is

The boids is on the wing!
Don’t be absoid!
Da wings is on the boid!

Every spring since I can remember, my mum has said this poem. I’ve run it through my head maybe a million times, using a “Joisey” accent, a vampire/Transylvania accent, you name the accent, I use it. I said it to Tessa and Graydon when they were wee, and I’m still saying it now. I have long wondered who wrote it, idly, and when I looked at the lawn and the clay pot of grass growing like mad in the darkness of the garage, I realized, I don’t have to idly wonder, I have the Internet! (Remember, I wondered who wrote this when I was in high school and we typed our essays.) Last night I spent tons of time Googling this, and found attribution by many to Ogden Nash, a couple to Spike Milligan of the BBC’s “Goon Show” and a few odds and sods. I also found that an awful lot of people wonder the same thing. The best investigation came from Philadelphia Weekly, April 30, 2003. And the author is Anonymous, a.k.a. somebody, but nobody anybody knows.

So I’ll throw it out there—do any readers have any idea where it came from? Who did you hear it from? When? Or am I just out there in the ether with others running little poems in their heads?

Have a great weekend giving those taxes the last-ditch effort, and see you Monday!


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