Mom blog: Because I Said So! Brody the wonder dog

Each year since 1968 the Purina Animal Hall of Fame has honoured Canadian “true pet heroes,”—109 dogs, 23 cats and one horse. Well, I am nominating my friend Leslie-Ann’s faithful dog Brody in advance of the 2008 awards. Brody’s life-saving feat preserved not just Leslie-Ann’s life and those of her grandmother and grandfather, but also the lives of Connie, the grey tabby, Alistair, the white short hair domestic, and Fionn the ferret.

One recent evening, Leslie-Ann had gone off to sleep after Brody did his end-of-the-day flop and settle at the end of her bed. Usually, Brody doesn’t stir until morning. It was 1 a.m., and he flew off the bed, barking frantically. Leslie-Ann assumed in her sleepy state that Brody was simply yelling at a neighbourhood friend through the house’s wall, and tried to get him to lay brody-in-his-halloween-costume.jpgoff. But Brody was not stopping. He kept it up until she got up, and went into the living room, where she smelled smoke and saw sparks jumping out of a wall socket, and the power bar that had been in the socket across the room, where it had landed after firing out of the wall. Leslie-Ann was rooted to the spot with fear (seriously, she freezes, she’s working on it but that wasn’t the time for therapy), but Brody kept up the volume until Granddad appeared, and everyone made it to safety.

Brody is a 19-month-old yellow labrador retreiver. He’s been Leslie-Ann’s for 14 months, and he’s a handful. When she’s home, she has to be within his view or he’ll freak. If she closes a door behind her, it’s a whimper, then he starts chewing the door. She has diagnosed Brody with severe separation anxiety, ADHD, unipolar manic states and severe generalized anxiety disorder. But he’s her baby. When I conducted our formal (!!) interview, I asked what his favourite activities and treats were: “Eating couches! He likes his walks, he like to cuddle. He loves McDonald’s cookies [they go every Saturday morning!] and ice-cream.

And what does she feel about her life-saving best friend? “Well to quote Winnie the poo if Brody lived for 100 years I would want to live for 100 years less one day so I would never have to live without him.”


If you have a pet story to share, send it in! Have a great weekend!

4 Responses

  1. When I read this story to BroBro, and told him that he is now “famous” he did his “lowrider” routine of bouncing up and down. He also told me to say “Thank-You Jacquelyn!”

  2. What a wonderful story. Brody is truly “man’s best friend.”

    I recently came across a pet site that I think would love to learn about Brody. It’s where another Canadian Pet Hero has been honored as Pet of the Year 2007.

  3. Wow! That’s the first that I heard this story. Great job, Brody! Leslie-Ann is one lucky gal to have such a smart little boy!!!

  4. I still haven’t met Brody face to face and I already think he’s the cats meow. That could however be because he goes after the cats sometimes to play..wink wink.

    I hear stories of Bro all the time told from Mom’s point of view and he makes me laugh. I know I can always count on at least one Bro story a day.

    I want him and no matter how hard I try, Leslie-Ann won’t part with him. I can see why. He is veeery special!

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