Mom blog: Because I Said So! My eco-friendly pets

th_dsc03059.jpgOh, I have to pitch in on this one. I think these Green Living Blogs are one of the best blog themes (festivals, blogivals, blemes, I don’t know, make up your own name) around. And Kat has one of the coolest names in existence. So here goes:

Pet food Angel, the Birman cat, is the only cat I have owned in 32 years of consecutive and concurrent cat ownership who has had canned food (the vet said: “She can’t get enough water, so she MUST have canned food”); I buy large cans and we recycle every can and lid. Lizzie and Flopsy, the bunnies, get timothy hay and organic kibble. The fish (more on them next week) get whatever stinky flaky stuff the guy said they already like. We haven’t finished a container yet, but when we do, we’ll recycle.

Pet toys Angel scorns toys. If she wants to play, she’ll find a piece of Lego or marble or feather from a pillow or gum wrapper and bat it around for 10 seconds, then lie down and rest. I bought two bunnies so they could play together—no toys. The fish—are there toys for fish? I’m not buying them.

Pet gifts This is so weird and sad, people spending fortunes on doggie raincoats and tennis dresses, Swarovski crystal barrettes, kitty cologne. I have three kids, so the pets are not on the Christmas and birthday buy-gifts list (alright, we made a big deal about the bunnies’ birthdays, but we didn’t buy gifts, we just showered them with attention and photo-ops). When people have fewer kids and more money and already give to charity, I say go nuts and buy them a GIC.

Spay and neuter Angel is spayed. Bunnies are sisters and have no boyfriends. Abigail the hamster is a girl and, like the bunnies, is dateless. The fish? If by any chance one of them has babies, I imagine that will be recycled as instant bigger-fish fish food. That’s pretty eco in a cold way.*

Litter We use recycled newspaper pellets. All of it goes in the green bin.

Fur We are planning to have the bunnies’ fur spun and knit into a shawl. Failing that, we are also leaving it on our squirrel and bird nut table on the front porch so it can be carried home by our wild friends to line nests.

Acquisition and dispatch I bought Angel from a reputable cat breeder (along with her sister, Lily, who outgrew our family when Graydon came home with leukemia and the whole vibe in the house changed. I hunted for a loving home for her, and she found one with Brian, an architect in Cabbagetown in Toronto whom I have lost touch with—if you know him, tell him to mail me!). We would have taken in previously loved bunnies, but there were none on Kijiji or Craig’s list at the time. The fish, well, it’s more the dispatch—we wrap them gently in paper towel and it into the organic green bin. From the sea to the land.

And that’s the eco-pet story in our house.

*Not as cold as one of the neon tetras, who died on Tuesday and had to be put in the freezer until next Monday’s internment service and the green garbage pick-up on Tuesday morning.


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  1. Sounds like you’re doing a great job, Jacquelyn!

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