Mom blog: Because I Said So! Happy 15th birthday, Graydon

dsc03286.jpgThis is an unauthorized photo of my birthday boy Graydon, dressed as an extra in an MTV shoot (more on that later). Graydon didn’t want a photo posted. If he sees it, I’ll have to honour his wishes. As it is, I’m his mother and I’m putting it up Because I Said So!
OK, so this is very personal, but it’s a parenting blog, and we celebrate parenting by drinking to excessive in the privacy of our homes and gardens—I jest—by celebrating the birthdays of our kids. My first son, Graydon, turns 15 today. I have no scanner at home, and no pictures of him as a baby in digi format, so I can’t post one here. But he had blond hair the colour of spun gold in a gentle marcel-like wave pattern all over his head, green eyes and the sweetest disposition. Everytime he had a fever and I took him to the ped, she’d look in his eyes and then demand of me: “Isn’t this little guy screaming at home?!?!?” I’d say no and she’d tell me about the raging ear infections—one after another, all awful, but he was asymptomatic through them all. His extremely attentive sister Tessa, a lover of the soother, would stick his soothers in his mouth and he would launch them right back at her—he needed no solace. He was a happy, happy baby. He stuck damp Cheerios all over his face as long as someone would laugh, and we did. He and Tessa were best friends. Now, he turns 15. He had three years of treatment for leukemia, from 8 to 11, and that disease has left a huge mark. My boy has gone through things no child should have to, and they hurt him. And he is still working on some of it, the late effects we know, and the ones we hope won’t crop up. But he loves all of us and we love him. So, tonight, it’s party time at our house. Pictures tomorrow, maybe.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely boy! You have reason to be proud…and gloating. Happy Birthday (belated).

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