Mom blog: Because I Said So! Off with those braces!

rtemagicc_c3b01eaace.gifYesterday and today are two huge days for my almost 15-year-old son Graydon. The braces are coming off! Two and a half years of adjustments and jaw aches and snapped metal bits and nagging “Just imagine what those teeth will look like if you don’t brush them right NOW!!! $75,000 for nothing!!!!” Of course, I exaggerate, I peg the cost at something nearer $60,000 or thereabouts. I thought I would have a big, gleaming smile to show-off here, but he doesn’t like his hair right now, and while the teeth are all I wanted to show, I had to agree it would be a nicer, less Picasso-esque if I included his face in the picture.

So, you’ll be waiting for that photo, at least until he likes his hair. But how do his teeth look? Excellent. A natural white, even along the bottom and top, all fit in really nicely. The retainer has brought its own fun, with Graydon doing the best Daffy Duck impersonation we’ve ever heard. And his retainer is glow-in-the-dark green, so the newly disrobed teeth will have a little nightlight to help them feel secure.

And Graydon will turn 15 with a pearly smile. Yeehaw!

I had braces not once, but twice. Lucky me. I was teased relentlessly—tin grin, metal mouth, tinsel teeth, braceface, radio head (before the band). But Graydon had almost no teasing at all. I’m curious what others have experienced. Did you get teased a lot as a kid with braces? Have your kids faced the same thing?


3 Responses

  1. HAppy Birthday Graydon!!! And congrats on the braces coming off. My daughter turned 16 a couple of months ago and will still be sporting braces until sometime late summer. Alas, with the cost of braces and no dental plan, we had to wait until the oldest sibling was out of braces before hers could go on!

  2. Oh what a great feeling that is, getting your braces off. Your teeth feel so slippery and marvelous! I had braces for, and I am not kidding, 9 years. I didn’t get teased though, probably because after having them for that long, kids probably thought that was how my mouth looked naturally.

    My daughter is missing 16 adult teeth. She has her 2 front top teeth, 4 eye teeth and 4 molars…and that is it…and we are just starting, not finishing. Goodness me, I wish that I could be writing a blog about the completion of her mouth. Come back and ask me in 10 years and I’ll let you know how it went!

  3. Nine years! That makes my friends’ 2 or 3 years look easy. My mum had braces twice, but her teeth were never crooked. Go figure.

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