Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW kid-created salad and novelty veg

wfmwsmall1-1.jpgMy first two children were not picky eaters. There was tons of stuff they wouldn’t eat, but they were very clear about it, and their preferences didn’t become so narrow that we were down to a salami sandwich on white with no crusts or bust. My two rules of thumb when feeding kids:
1) They’re more likely to eat what they create.
2) Do something weird with the ordinary, and they’ll give it a whirl.


Case in point, besides garlic-roasted salt and pepper chicken (thank you Nigella), we had Luka’s salad creation (diced English cucumber, squirts of Hidden Valey Ranch dressing and a generous sprinkling of frozen corn) and novelty cauliflower in a stunning purple colour. They ate it. It Works for Me!


One Response

  1. You are so right. Kids love to “create” in the kitchen. However, I find my two are even more likely to try something new if they have a friend over and help cook for them. It’s amazing how motivated they are to look worldly when it comes to eating in front of friends.

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