Mom blog: Because I Said So! Play the fish funeral music (again)


Alright, I know we got into this fish thing because I bought Luka five little fish and a plastic bowl. Total cost= $20. We’re now at $150 approximately, more detailed accounting to come (and it’ll come in the form of a confession because this is some of the silliest spending I have ever done). When I said on Friday that the remaining fishies looked tired, I think they were in the early throes of comas. We have now said goodbyes to:
images-2.jpg images-3.jpg images-61.jpg
We’ve also committed to burial a pair of strawberry tetra and Sir Poops-a-lot,a little orange guy who swam backwards. As soon as we got the heater going, the tropical fish keeled. The water shows 79 degrees on the water thermometer, and the only fish still thriving are two prehistoric-looking loaches and the albino coby cats.

We have committed to no more fish until we go to a fish ONLY store and take notes, read books, that sort of thing. I still have a school of neon tetras in the back of my mind. But Luka and I like watching the four of them just fine for now.


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