Mom blog: Because I Said So! Monday roundup: fighting foodprep dance

images.jpgNo-Fight Friday was a complete washout—put two competitive dancers on the verge of their first competitve weekend in 10 months (Tessa and her teammate and friend, Jodi), umpteen gear bags, costume cases, water bottles and makeup cases, a 14-year-old brother with a laptop intent on pestering the girls, and a 7-year-old who’ll mimic anything that looks like fun, and before the fights were taking place at 100km/h, I set Graydon up at a friend’s house instead. Riot averted, but No-Fight Friday was a flop. Better luck in a week?

Dance weekend
Tessa danced to two golds and two high silvers, in a modern solo, tap duet, jazz duet and small group jazz. She is a bit of an achiever, so the mood on the way home was half-empty, I’m sad to say.

dsc03271.jpgdsc03278-1.jpgFood prep
Sunday we were pretty tired (and cranky), so we revisited the buck-eyes that we made over March Break, making them a little smaller, applying the chocolate more carefully, and actually fridging them until they were cold. They disappeared very quickly, but Graydon wanted to take pictures, just in case the ones from two weeks ago actually discouraged you from making them. I crushed the Oreos on a cutting board with a wine bottle, no Ziploc necessary.

Yay for some greening in my kitchen!


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