Mom blog: No-fight Friday and a full slate of stuff

Mom Blogger JacquelynNo-fight Friday
Yes, we’re trying again. Keep the dream alive! There can be a Friday with no fighting. We had one once, we can have one again. Listening to Tessa and Graydon at this moment though, I’m not sure.
T.O. Kids’ Show
I know this is a question of geography, in that it applies only to people within driving or transit distance of the Toronto Congress Centre, but if you are, the T.O. Kids’ Show promises to be much more than a trade show. The idea behind the show, run by four mums, is one-stop family fun, where kids will be entertained instead of dragged from booth to booth. I’ll be trying to get there too.
Dance, dance, dance
The competition dance season makes its assault on our family this weekend. Hairspray hangs heavy (or light, if you believe the label) in the air as Tessa applies rhinestones to her eyes, listens to her music, texts and moves her feet to the beat. She’ll be dancing jazz, tap and contemporary. There will be a full report on Monday (and pictures, maybe).
The fish are looking tired
When do fish sleep? Ours are looking very, very tired.

Have a great weekend!

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