Mom blog: Because I Said So! Meeting the neighbours over a fender-bender

Mom Blogger JacquelynIn my little neighbourhood, there are no sidewalks and only single car driveways, which leads to sporadic street parking. We’re not really close to anything parking-worthy (theatres, restaurants, offices, even a corner store) so you pretty well know whose car is on the street. We met our original across-the-street neighbours 15 years ago when the man of the house plowed right into the car of a friend attending a party at our house.
Things have been very, very hectic/tense here of late (and it’s not just fish funerals), so when a serious knock came to the door yesterday, I figured Big Stuff was happening. It was Sara, our relatively new neighbour across the street. We’ve waved, but not actually visited. She’s very pretty, always chicly dressed and smiles a lot, but no smile today. And no cherry pie or casserole.

“I hit your car.” I thought, That’s OK, I’d love to hit something myself but there’s too much junk in the garage to get to the body bag.

Nah, she hit my car, out on the street because our driveway was busy when I got home, so I street parked and left it there. We go to see, and it’s a ding and some paint is scraped off. I laughed, and almost said forget it, I have a Sharpie this colour, I’ll fix it myself.

We had a great chat, she has a guy who can fix it, and I told her how I met the previous owner of her house.

I had just done the home pregnancy test and found out, YES, I was pregnant with Luka, then piled in the car with husband, Tessa and Graydon to go to school and work and BAM! backed right into the car of Marcus. I was so happy, I couldn’t have cared less. I got him out of bed and shuffling to the street in slippers—”I am so sorry, I’ll pay for it, get estimates, my car is fine (it was a Volks, of course it was fine!), I’m so sorry, isn’t this a beautiful day???”

So, now it’s my turn again. Listen up, neighbours—garage your cars!

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  1. Nice way to meet the neighbours!! Always your writing makes the edge of my mouth start to curl upwards, and often I am sitting her smiling and smirking. But every once in a while something you write makes my laugh right right out loud – one of those sudden and loud single syllable laughs that would surely draw unwanted attention from co-workers, if I had any.

    The line about the body bag just about did me in. Thanks for the continued smiles and chuckles and for today’s big fat “HAH!!”

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