Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW go green with restaurant leftovers

wfmwsmall1-1.jpgMy sixteen-year-old daughter Tessa and I had one of those Mum-daughter ESP things last week. It happened when we were sitting in a local Thai restaurant and realized we would not be finishing the pad thai and shrimp chips (we went there specifically because we can’t finish the portions). We asked for containers, and piled the food into white styrofoam boxes. She looked up at me, I looked at her, and before I could say it, she said, “Couldn’t we just bring our own Rubbermaid container next time?”

You bet. We don’t go to restaurants nearly as much as I’d like to, and we never leave edible food behind, so it’s Rubbermaid all the way, no more styrofoam, or plastic boxes and lids to throw out. Good for the environment, and It Works for Me!

Skip on over to Shannon’s site for tons of tips, and if you want enviro tips in particular, check out Kat’s time-limited Green Living Blog entries right here on Canadian Living’s website! Enter the contest to win a dishwasher!


4 Responses

  1. Great idea – I need to try that b/c I’m always a bit hesitant to even ask for a take out container. I find it’s also a way to control my eating…put 1/2 or whatever amount into the take out container right when the food arrives. Then if you are TRULY HUNGRY after finishing the first portion you could always take more out of the container.

  2. Good for you, Jacquelyn – takeout containers is one of those things that causes me gigantic amounts of eco-guilt. But then, so does wasting food! I’m going to try and remember to bring containers next time I go out to eat somewhere I know I won’t finish the food.

  3. We don’t have a microwave so we reheat leftovers in a pyrex dish or tin foil. When I ask for our “take home” to be wrapped in tin foil instead of placed in those all too large stryrofoam things, they look at me like a have three heads. Remember when the fancy restaurants used to wrap your take home in tin foil and they made it an art form – twisted into swans or bows or fans? Those were the days before microwaves, I guess!

  4. That’s a clever idea. I’d try that too. Thanks for a very useful enviro tips

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