Mom blog: Because I Said So! Mr. Rogers Day and bunny birthdays

In honour of Mr. Rogers today, what would be his 80th birthday, we’re being asked: “Won’t You Wear a Sweater March 20th?” I am! I wanted to write all kinds of fun stuff about Mr. Rogers, but realized a) I never watched his show as a kid; b) my kids never watched him; c) I watched his show in university and thought Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live Mr. Rogers pieces were some of the funniest things I’d ever seen; d) I just like the man and how nice he was; and e) I found that someone had already done an excellent job, so here’s the link!
I wish I were in Pittsburgh today.

Flopsy and Lizzie turn one year old today! We got them in May last year, as part of a personally designed family healing project, and they have been nothing but the perfect pets ever since. They are quiet, love to be held and patted, make us laugh when we let them out for a run of the house by chasing each other, scaring Angel the cat by trying to nuzzle, leaping straight up and kicking out their hind legs, lifting their food dish over their heads and just by being so pretty. They don’t chew electrical cords, bark, smell or cost a lot. They live in a big fancy raised wrought-iron hutch planted squarely in front of the fireplace in the living room, and the hutch fits there so perfectly it looks like the bunnies have their own niche with moulding and a mantlepiece.

th_dsc03243.jpgGraydon took this photo to enter a bunny contest for some cool vinyl collectibles he’s hooked on—Flopsy does not usually have a Dunny Bunny in her food dish. That’s reserved for rabbit kibble and diced dried papaya and pineapple (bunny chocolate).

th_n1645830231_133512_6338.jpgFlopsy on a lap, wondering about the presence of the camera, and planning her escape to race around the living room.

th_dsc03040.jpgLizzie, with her little white cheeks and nose twitching. They both get really interested when they see the camera!

th_dsc03049.jpgFlopsy and Lizzie (at right) hanging out in their crib, with Lizzie scoping out the open door to see if it’s time for the birthday celebration yet.

th_dsc03059.jpgA birthday kiss in reverse.

I know you’re thinking they’re having carrot cake tonight, but they don’t seem too fussy about carrots. Any ideas? Any bunny owners out there? You suggest it, I’ll make it!


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  1. How cute they are! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. Happy Birthday Flopsy & Lizzie

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