Mom blog: Because I Said So! March break day 4

n1645830231_247549_3008-11.jpgFor Day 4 of March Break we decided to take our cameras and record stuff around the house. Tessa got some amazing images, one of which is at the left. But taking pictures led to reminiscing, and that led to a flood of homesickness for owning a hamster (on Tessa’s behalf) and a flood of longing for fish (for me, I had planned to make salmon for dinner, but for Luka, it meant “I have always wanted to have a pet fish all of my long life.” He is seven). So after various promises, deals, much pleading and financial figuring, we went to the Walmart and the pet store. At Walmart, we purchased a beta fish bowl kit, four neon tetras and a black sucker (this is not an editorial comment on the fish, this is just what he does). At the pet store Tessa and her friend Laura (Erika should have been there—because this was some kind of teen-girl-friend-ritual—but our car only holds five passengers and we were full) began the process of choosing the lucky rodent who would become our pet. In the reptile section, Graydon began the long, arduous and, in the end, fruitless process of talking me into getting a lizard. I said no, because lizards are creepy, they need live food, live food is creepy, live food costs lots of money, terrariums are pricey, so are heat lamps, lizards are creepy and lizards are CREEPY. Graydon didn’t see my point of view, so I finally did resort to the “Because I said so!” method of parental reasoning.

The girls picked a hamster, we got food and a mineral stone, and hightailed it home.

The hamster was christened Abigail. Tessa scrambled through the garage in the dark (light is out) to retrieve one of our four hamster cages (we have a long history of hamster ownership). Luka and Graydon unpacked the beta kit to discover a big crack down the front that wasn’t visible in the box. Bummer. The plastic bag didn’t look like a good place to keep fish overnight. I have a big goldfish bowl filled with colourful glass fish hanging from floating glass bubbles in the kitchen window. Down it came, I emptied and scrubbed it, and in went the real fish. In a few hours, the water wasn’t looking too good. Activities for Day 5 were shaping up.

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  1. What a sweet little hamster! My niece Molly just got a hamster as well, a boy named Daisy (named by Molly). He’s also very sweet and a pale gray colour.

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