Mom blog: Because I Said So! March Break day 3 easy treats for kids


Kids at home, toboganned out, shovelled out, only enough brawn to lift their hands to their mouths—time to cook!

I don’t think Christine and The Foodie-file has any worries here, although I will point out that these treats HAVE NOT BEEN TRIPLE-TESTED THE CANADIAN LIVING KITCHENS, or in any kitchen but my own. The recipe was handed down by parents of cancer kids who spent many, many overnights at the hospital, and whose minds wandered beyond the lovely dessert treats on their children’s meal trays. So, the

Buckeye was traded back and forth, because you can get Oreo packs, a chocolate bar and Philly cream cheese in any hospital. All you need is something to crush the Oreos (a bag and a can or bottle) and melt the chocolate (microwave in the staff or parent kitchen). So thank you Nancy V., for the recipe.

Off Topic–Backgrounder
(I have to say: Nancy V. is the proud mum of Matthew, who has the same cancer as my son did, but Matthew has relapsed twice. He is in fighting mode now, 47 days and counting after his bone marrow transplant. Nancy is a super-amazing-mega-mum I am proud to say I know. She keeps a blog of sorts, a CaringBridge site, that you can visit, read how Matthew is doing, and just say hi to them. Every message is a little more support in his 8-year cancer battle.)

Back to the Buckeyes!
These are also hyper-easy to make and kids and grownups love them. No fat count I’m afraid, but hey, with three ingredients all high in fat, I guess they’re high in fat. Here is the make at home version.

1 pkg. of Oreo cookies. Blend in a blender until fine crumbs.
1 pkg. of cream cheese. Add that to the cookie crumbs, mix well.
Roll into balls and refrigerate for a little while (about an hour)
Dip into microwave-melted chocolate of your choice. (milk, white, dark chocolate)
Chill and serve!

Tessa and Erika did the blender work, they made the balls. Graydon took the photos and Luka coated the crumb-and-cheese balls, and ate the first one. His pronouncement?

YUMMY!!! It Works for Me!

Come back tomorrow for a March Break craft!


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the recipe (I never heard of these before & I can tell you I know for a fact that I’ll love them!!) Congratulations to the winners of your contest 🙂
    I think I’ll keep these in mind & make them for the baby shower I’m going to soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a keeper for sure!


  3. Thank you Anne! The balls should be a daintier size, but with kids, it’s usually “the faster I make ’em, the sooner I eat ’em,” hence the size. You can also play around with the proportions—I like more cream cheese, the kids like more Oreo—and you can get lovely effects by putting a contrasting melted chocolate in a Ziploc, cutting off a tiny corner, and drizzling or squiggling it over the the coated balls. The kids have never been that far!

  4. I had no idea that cream cheese and oreo cookies went well together — YUM! LOL Thanks for the quickie recipe – how fun.

    Thanks for the story behind the creation.

    Have A Great Day!

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