Mom blog: Because I Said So! March Break, Day 2

download-1.jpgSo, it’s been a snowy winter and we’ve decided to honour the great outdoors for the first two days of March Break. Project #1—inukshuk man. We spent a good part of Sunday hacking the ice off the driveway. Whilst hacking the ice and getting some healthy-sized chunks, this fabulous idea popped up—why trample the virgin snow of our front yard, which is really pretty, to make a snowman to mark Monday, the first day of March Break, when we could build an entire igloo out of ice?!?

After figuring out the igloo would involve chipping ice off at least two other driveways, it was scrapped for the far more easily attainable inukshuk man. I led the smallest troop member into the house to look up inukshuk on the Web, read a brief explanation of them, why they were built, etc. and checked out some pictures. This site makes it pretty simple—just think “ice chunk” when you read “rock.” Here’s a fun flash game to construct a virtual inukshuk on the computer before you go make your own.

Graydon and his friend Tory hacked and chipped away at the thick ice on the driveway, making some excellent big chunks. Luka and his sister hauled the ice chunks up on the step, and after some careful placement, there you see him, welcoming people, the mailman, paperboys, and hopefully no dogs to our happy home.

Day #2 is happening as we speak. The dad has Luka and Graydon for toboganning, Tessa has classmates over for an entire media project, and they are staying until the project is completed. I am about to start work-work. Tomorrow for you, an easy-to-make-with-kids treat. Be sure to check back for Day #3!


2 Responses

  1. That is a great Inukshuk.

  2. Wicked! Nice work, team!

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