Mom blog: Because I Said So! And the winner is—

PhotobucketToday is the day I get to announce the winner of my first Mom blog contest!
Recap: The contest is for $100 worth of the vitamin-, mineral- and nutrient-packed Greens+kids, developed by Sam Graci and made by Genuine Health, and one of the very few (OK, ONLY) vitamin I have been able to get into my youngest, Luka, 7 years old and wary of anything in a pill, capsule or thick liquid.

You sent in excellent answers, proving that people who read blogs are an unparalleled source of info, have plenty of wile themselves and are generous enough to share their knowledge. Thank you, thank you to every single reader for responding (I know how easy it is to read and click on and away!).

First prize of two tubs of Greens+kids goes to Ann Marie.

And second prize (I know, I didn’t have a second prize before, but I do now, thank you Rhoda) of one tub of Greens+kids goes to Darlene.

My personal observations:
a) congratulations to those parents who found vitamins that worked
b) I am unashamedly jealous of parents whose kids just take their vitamins (truly you have raised Because I Said So! kids)
c) I’m not-so-secretly glad to see other parents have a tough time getting pills into their kids too
d) confession: after three solid years of getting pills down Graydon’s throat EVERY DAY for his chemotherapy, I totally wimped out on my own Because I Said So! method. That’s why I’m overjoyed with Greens+kids and smoothies.

Here’s the breakdown of entries by question, with the winners in bold:

Your child’s own best excuse or technique to avoid taking his or her vitamins.

My 2 year old son is obsessed with doing everything he can to cause trouble. He has discovered that our beagle will eat anything that he gives her. This were he has been getting rid of his vitamins. The only reason I know is because I saw my son stealing his brothers vitamins to give to the dog. No wonder the dog has such a shiny coat.
—ann marie

The favorite excuse is that “I think those hurt my tummy so I shouldn’t eat them. Let’s have Daddy try it.” Another one is: “Didn’t we already have those today? I’m sure we already had vitamins today! You probably forgot because you lost your brain when you had Baby H.” (the last part was overheard from a phone conversation).

My kids watch too much TV. They (two boys I must mention because my sister and I would never have had the nerve or the idea to do this) hid them in their puddle boots. Last time we had a really good rainfall, I caught them emptying their boots out the back door. I was mad! Now I serve them canned spinach, just like Popeye, and I watch them until it’s gone.

We have given up on vitamins. Our daughter hated everyone we tried. We’re moving to an organic non-meat diet so it’s up to my husband–Mr. Let’s Detox–to make sure our diet includes what we need (he’s very conscientious, so I know he’ll do a great job)

What is your best technique, reward, consequence, enticement or rationale to get vitamins into your little ones?

Okay so this may be one of the most boring answers to the on going battle of the vitamin but my naturopath suggested something and it has worked beautifully. My daughter has a little shot glass of a potion that I have to mix up for her. We aren’t talking the syrupy, berry flavoured, candy coated stuff—we’re talking the down right dirty, awful, disgusting pills and oils that naturopaths use. My daughter being allergic to food colouring is not allowed to take all that fun coated stuff. So it was a struggle every morning and night to get all the “good stuff” into her. We had mornings were we would have it on the bathroom wall instead of her mouth, on the floor because she backed away at the last minute…you name the surface we managed to coat it. I even tried the stuff one morning on my finger and man there are no words to describe the taste. So it was suggested that I say to her, “It’s not going to taste good, but if you take it you will feel better, be healthy and strong and most of all not get sick”. We use a syringe to pack it all down the gullet and in one hand I hold the syringe, she holds her nose, with the other hand I have juice ready with a straw so we can quickly move from vitamins to juice and kill the taste.
That was followed with whatever she wanted for breakfast. Now it didn’t happen overnight and it was the simplest thing but somehow it just worked. Now in the morning she reminds me of her vitamins and I guess the thought of being well outweighs the gross taste.
What’s the saying? Keep it simple.

I remember hiding vitamins as a child — in my nose. It worked until a red one melted. Boy, did it scare my mom AND make her mad. My kids take their vitamins pretty easily-when someone remembers which isn’t too often, which why they have a low immunity, which is why we go the doctor everyday-oh, you’re still here. Pardon me.

My girls always say the vitamins are too big, which I have to agree they are. We have found kid-size or kid-friendly vitamins. However, my girls still use the ‘they’re too big’. I give them a swallow of chocolate milk or if it is a really bad day, they get one little square of a Caramilk bar.

Amazingly I do not have to coerce my two boys to take their vitamins. I have to watch them closely that they only take one. We use a “sour gummy” type vitamin — it was a real hit-or-miss process trying to find the brand that they like. I know I regularly have six bottles stashed somewhere in case the manufacturer calls it quits (same goes for the flavour of toothpaste that they tolerate). Their father, on the other hand…..

This has never really been an issue for us. I’ve just always put the kids’ vitamins on their breakfast plates, whole and unashamed, and they always eat the vitamins first, whatever brand or type I use.

My kids eat the fruits and vegetables I give them so I don’t give them vitamins. Is that horrible? I just thought that vitamins were for kids who don’t get a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Well.. am I actually admitting this outloud? My trick has been to open capsules and sprinkle it into their food like, cereal, applesauce, yogurt with granola already on it – that type of thing.
Just don’t tell them I said so! 😉

Our kids hate taking vitamins. They love the dogs, so we told them the dogs take vitamins in their kibble every day, so the kids eat the vitamins. This has worked for getting the kids outside in the cold, because the dogs do, and taking naps, because the dogs do. DW and I are not looking forward to when the dogs die. Any suggestions for that?

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  1. I would just like to suggest to Frank, that when the dog dies, make sure the kids know the “dog age”. Then it doesn’t seem so scary.

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