Mom blog: Because I Said So! Car vent

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This post isn’t about vents in cars.
It’s about vents that involve cars.
My car and how much cheddar it cost to fix it.
My 2000 Saturn needed new brake things and a drive train. And a new windshield. It came to the breathtaking total of $2400.00. My little VISA spit out of the machine NOT APPROVED. Oh man. I’ve been efficiently getting rid of credit cards to the point I only have one. And it was full-up, no-more, go away. I explained I would leave without paying, but promised to return.
A broken windshield is against the law.
I didn’t know this. Imagine, driving for 26 years and that fact had eluded me. Graydon told me, but he tends to try to make my behaviour sound far more reckless than it is, so I didn’t believe him. I’d been driving with a wee crack in the windshield that was slowly increasing its length as the weather got warmer, then froze, then warmed, the deep-froze. The kids and I had a blast seeing what little scritch had happened, if any, overnight, when the temp changed drastically. That windshield cost me $338.00.

A ban on smoking with kids under 16 in the car.
I can’t believe that isn’t a law already. What in God’s name are the lawmakers waiting for? Kids trapped in smoke-filled cars must count for child abuse, child endangerment, failure to provide the necessities of life—like fresh air! If I lived in the States, I’d get my lawyer friend Renata to get a class action suit together.

It costs $250 to replace a passanger-side visor.
We’ve been living just fine without the passenger-side visor, although it has impaired the application of makeup and sunscreen and fixing of bangs for my most frequent female passenger. I thought, what’s one of those little plastic and metals thingies cost? It snapped off pretty easily (so says Graydon, who broke it), so it can’t be much. $267 says Hal, the very nice man at the garage. So, now you see why I’m buying Tessa a compact to stash in the glove box!

My car is so messy…
THAT THE GUYS AT THE GARAGE REFUSED TO DO THE INTERIOR DETAILING. So guess how my little crew is beginning the March Break? You betcha!

March Break plans
We’ve decided against that trip to Paradise Island’s Atlantis Resort for the March Break because the kids will miss their friends and all the fun stuff we have planned (hahahahahahaha). Be sure to check back all next week for kid- and kids-at-heart fun, crafts, and easy edibles.

No-Fight Friday rules!


2 Responses

  1. Awww rats! What a way to start a new month. At least your car is still running … my brother & his wife have had a horrible time of things since both the van & the car have died!!!! He has to borrow my mom’s car all the time. Hopefully he’ll get a car that is right for all of them. And hopefully you won’t find the entire break a complete mess!!

  2. I’m with Anne, at least YOUR car works. Mine stopped working once it hit below zero celsius, and when it’s above, I can get it started, drive where I need to, but once I turn the engine off, it’s a crap shoot as to when/if it will start again. Maybe 20 minutes or 20 hours. Know anybody that’s handing out free cars? 😉

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