Mom blog: Because I Said So! Bunny time is coming…


I know it’s called Easter, not bunny time, but spring is in the air and the bunnies’ noses are working overtime every time the front door opens and some decent air sweeps in (it’ll be snowing tonight, but I’m not telling them).

So, please meet Flopsy. Flopsy lives with her sister Lizzie in a cool hutch in our living room, right in front of the working fireplace that we haven’t used once this winter. There’s a bit of an updraft, and the updraft has proven to be the best bunny-fur-remover-from-the-air that we could have wished for, far better than any of those heppa-filter jobbies they flog in the wee hours on TV. Tessa says there is enough fur to crochet a small shawl now. We haven’t decided who gets the honour yet, but that’s why no fires.

Our little bunnies turn one on March 23, so we’ll get busy on some photos for their big day!

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  1. Bunnies are so sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing their photos. 🙂

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