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Mom Blogger JacquelynDoes Mother know best?
I have been doing a little hand-wringing over my wee contest on giving kids vitamins and supplements. I think the prize is great, the value is great, the questions to win not too hard. I know I’m not offering tickets to a wine event with refreshments—even though most parents I know swear by alcohol as a parenting tool at times (for themselves, not the kiddies).

But it took an email from my mum to ask the question and frame the answer:

    “…perhaps your audience is past the little kids’ age group…or the vitamins are chewable and taste like candy so kids take them by the fistful…no bribes no threats necessary. Looks like a good prize though.”

Maybe she’s right. Maybe I am imagining my readers all wrong. I know some of you have little ones, and some have grandkiddies. But I tend to think of you, dear reader, as having one or two or three kids, as working your butts off to meet home and work and family and community obligations, that you like a little humour, can laugh at yourselves (or at me, I don’t mind), like to see how someone else makes it through kidhood and teenhood, with a few crafts or photos here and there, and some reports about dead hamsters and drug use in the schools for balance. Good and bad, but mostly as upbeat as I can make it.

How’s about it? I’ve been at this blog for six months now.

Can I ask you to chime in with what you expected to read in a mom blog? What else you’d like to hear? More fact-based news story type stuff, or more personal stories. More crafts, kid recipes, games and stuff, or techniques for dealing with teens? Do you want me to introduce you to other parenting/mom/dad bloggers whom I’ve come to know?

Now, here’s my little graphic of you typing in an answer, and as always, you can email me at


And if you still have the energy, enter the contest!

My many thanks in advance for asking so much of you!


4 Responses

  1. I stumbled upon your blog when I was directed to the Canadian Living .com site for a free crochet pattern. While here to “get the pattern” I browsed around & hit upon your blog. I liked your writing style and sense of humor & sharing of your family life enough to keep coming back to read you regularly. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of how your blog could be improved upon since I enjoy reading it as is… yes I do have grand children, and mine are all grown & out of the nest but I am 48 (this May) and feel very much a “Mom” that can relate to most if not all of what you write about. If it doesn’t apply directly to my “children” it may be something I can share with them for use with their children & if not right now then perhaps in a few years as the grands grow.

    I didn’t enter the contest for 2 reasons ~ one I’m in the US and didn’t want you to have to deal with customs to post it to me should I win (of course it would go to one of my grand kids) and secondly because I think someone with young children in their household should win over me.

    Thanks for thinking of us & keep up the wonderful blog 🙂

  2. I came across your blog because a friend told me that she read your posting back when there were a few bloggers all vying for the position of mom blogger. I read that original post and laughed out loud. I have been visiting ever since. It’s the only blog I read.

    My kids are 16 and 18 (next week!). So, yes, I do not read the Disney movie reviews nor do I need the vitamins. (I can’t watch diaper commercials anymore, in fact it’s a bit of a phobia, maybe there is an official name for that). But I did LOVE the suggestions from you readers on how to get your kids out of bed. That was my favourite.

    “Fact based stuff”? Nope, I am inundated with that everywhere and I tune it out. But support, advice, sharing of experiences – parent to parent – that’s what it’s all about.

    Have teenagers? Gone are the days when the moms gathered around the edge of the playground or schoolyard with portable coffee mugs in hand, and freely discussed what little Emma or Michael was up to and how other parents were dealing with the same situations. All of a sudden they’re teenagers and the things they are up to may be embarrassing, or worrying, or worse – dangerous, and we stop having those conversations right when we need them the most.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I first came to your blog through some media research I was doing on Mom blogs. I don’t have any kids but might one day so enjoy the words of wisdom you have to share as well as your humourous writing style. I know have your blog added to my reader and catch up with it over my morning coffee.

  4. Hi Jackie, Even though my kids are grown & I have grandbabies now, (Yikes time flies!) I love reading your blog because you do manage to reach out to all of the people you see as your readers. I love to read about the antics of you & your kids, the fun times you have with them and other readers’ answers to your questions of “what would you do?”. I love the humor that you see in everything and manage to convey very well in print. Your kids’ ages are a good range of what most of us are going through or have been through and for us grandparents it’s nice to still be able to inject a little bit of what worked for us on occasion. I think you’re on the right track. I keep coming back because I know there will always be some fun and you’re good at giving each of us something to smile about.
    Keep up the great writing! jen

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