Mom blog: Because I Said So! ENTER CONTEST, WIN PRIZE

I sat for four hours yesterday and listened to a very smart man talk about webstuff, and the most important thing you can do is engage the reader and deliver a clear call to action.

Did you read the subject line above?? Following on the very successful heels of my blog-mate Christine, I present A CONTEST!!

For the last three days, I’ve explored the kid-likability of this made-for-them vitamin and supplement powder. My kids like it, zillions of adults love the many adult versions of Greens+, and that’s my prize.

You can win 2 jars of Greens+kids—which is $100 retail, by sending in the winning answer to either of these questions:

1) What is your best technique, reward, consequence, enticement or rationale to get vitamins into your little ones?


2) Your child’s own best excuse or technique to avoid taking his or her vitamins.

Type your entry into the comment box, or email it to me at And send the link around—the more the merrier!
I’ll announce the winner(s) on Friday March 7, so you have a week to put on your “clever parent” hat and tell how to get vitamins in, or your “confessional parent” hat to share the wile of your chile.

Good luck to you!


2 Responses

  1. ‘Just a spoonfull of sugar…’

    My girls always say the vitamins are too big, which I have to agree they are. We have found kid-size or kid-friendly vitamins. However, my girls still use the ‘they’re too big’. I give them a swallow of chocolate milk or if it is a really bad day, they get one little square of a Caramilk bar.

  2. Ah, chocolate milk, one of the few almost guilt-free pleasures left!
    I seem to have made a boo-boo on the contest listing and posting place—I introduced it on February 7, and that seems to be where people are leaving their entries. so copy and paste this long thing

    to get there, or go to the Archives and look one lowere than this posting. The visual is Works for Me Wednesday in periwinkle blues, and the title is Vitamin perfection.

    You have until 11:59 Friday night, March 7, to enter. Jump on over!

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