Mom blog: Because I Said So! Taking the vitamins

Mom Blogger JacquelynThis follows on from yesterday’s post.
Armed with the tub of Greens+kids, the knowledge that the creator, Sam Graci, is a true advocate of health for grownups and kids, a plastic shaker cup and lid, I sat my seven-year-old this morning and started the experiment. I put him in front of a bowl of cereal, a favourite TV show and his Nintendo DS in mid-game. This offers the distraction level I think will be necessary to even get him to taste a new concoction.
One scoop of stuff that looks like dried herbs + 4 ounces of water + shake shake shake = vitamin drink #1, a half cup of mulberry-coloured water. I tried it. Not too bad. I put it in front of Luka, who took a drink and said, “Not bad.”


But when I said “Drink it all up!” he blanched. “No way. That’s all I need. I feel great.”

I asked what I’d have to do to for him to finish it, and he said to give it more flavour. That sounds fair, I thought.

One scoop of dried stuff + 4 ounces of water + 1 teaspoon Fruitopia frozen concentrate (strawberry) + shake shake shake = vitamin drink #2

Luka holds the Nintendo in one hand and takes the cup in the other, and says, “This tastes better [what kid doesn’t like more sugar in anything??]. But I can’t drink all of it.”

“What about if I add some ice cubes? Can you drink all of it then?”

“Definitely!” Back to Nintendo, cereal and TV.

SNAFU! No ice cubes! Two kids, 16 and 14, have managed to return two ice cube trays to the freezer EMPTY! This has been the subject of a number of BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! discussions, all of which were failures. Oh well. Make a mental note to deny use of ice cubes to 16- and 14-year-olds. Maybe until the end of the summer.

So, as all good parents do, I improvise. I cut up a Pedialyte freezy into four pieces (“You are too funny, Mummy!”) and toss that in.

One scoop of dried stuff + 4 ounces of water + 1 teaspoon Fruitopia frozen concentrate (strawberry) + 1 Pedialyte freezy + shake shake shake = vitamin drink #3

At this point, 16-year-old appears, Tessa, and I ask her to try it and not ask what it is. She eyeballs the open jar of Greens+kids and gives me the raised eyebrow that says, “Nice job, Mum, asking me in front of Luka so I have to say something like ‘oh, wow, this is great! Can I have some more?’ when I might be gagging—I will get even with you for this.”

So like the smart girl she is, she tries it, and says, “Hey, this is good. It’s a bit sugary, though.”

Luka is, as usual, impressed by big sis, and finishes all but the tail end of the drink. Tessa, upon later questioning, says it is WAY TOO SWEET—remember the Fruitopia concentrate and freezy additions?

Pretty high score for vitamins from two kids who won’t take them. Tomorrow, we try it the way reader Jennifer said in her comment at 3 this morning (so I’m not the only person on the computer at that time??)—I’m making smoothies with the vitamin powder, and we’ll add my 14-year-old son to the testing panel!


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  1. Hey, can you pre-mix this stuff so it’s sitting ready in the fridge? That would save some time…

  2. Good luck!!! I hate taking my vitamins & all I have to do is swallow a tablet. The bottle sits on my kitchen table so I see it every day but I don’t remember to “take” one every day! I’m working on it. I would find it harder to have to mix something up to “take” in that form so I really hope you find the right smoothie to use or form to use that will help them have healthier bodies in the long run … and I don’t think I would have asked what you had to do to make Luka (or any of them) drink the whole “drink” I think I would have said you need to drink this up & then you can play your game other wise turn off your game. (yeah I was a mean mommie… surprised they all still talk to me let alone love me the way they do!!!) LOL but hey that’s me & my old fashioned “because I said so ” ideas ~ don’t feel the need to try that route (especially because it could backfire miserably)

  3. Anne, I “can’t go there’ on the subject of MY vitamins—I have a schedule on the kitchen cupboard, and the bottle lined up under it. I’m good for a week, then ignore them for a day or two, then take them for four days, then forget for a week, and so it goes.

    The one reason I didn’t take the “drink it or bye-bye Nintendo” was strictly for the sake of my blog experiment. He gave me some funny looks throughout the process—he suspected I was being too nice!

    On the the smoothie today!

  4. That’s “On TO the smoothie today!” for typo-hawks!

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