Mom blog: Because I Said So! Take those vitamins!

One of the big guilts I carry around as a parent is the guilt that my kids don’t get enough vitamins. I buy the fruit they like, the veg they like, low fat sandwich meat, whole grain breads and tortillas, omega-3 eggs and we eat salmon once a week. But they will not take vitamins. It doesn’t matter if they are cartoon characters and crunchy, or shapped and goopy like gummy bears, they’ll eat the first few than that’s it. Game over. And it’s been that way for the last 14 years.

Now, Graydon has osteopenia, or “impaired bone health” mostly (or entirely) as a result of 2.5 years worth of steroids as part of his chemo therapy. So we have orders from a big doc for 1,000 units of D a day.

So that Graydon isn’t alone, all three kids are revisiting vitamins, but in a new form. I interviewed the very smart and straightforward Sam Graci last year for an article on reducing stress in kids. He is the inventor of Greens+ and the newer Greens+ kids, of which I have a full bottle sitting on the kitchen counter. I am going to introduce it, talk about it, then get it down the throats of all three kids: 16, 14 and 7 years old. Stay tuned for tomorrow for the results.

Wish me luck!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck! My kids didn’t take vitamins either. I’m sure I tossed a hundred dollars worth over the years. I can’t wait to hear if these work….

  2. good luck!! Actually I hate taking vitamins and never made my kids take them either, but as an adult I have taken greens plus and liked it. I added it to a smoothie every morning and voila! yummy vitamins. Hopefully the kids will think the same thing. again, good luck!

  3. Thanks for the luck—click over to today’s posting for the results. I’m with Ho Ho Ho, $$$$ on Flintstones, Arthurs, multis, megas, Yummis, even lollipops, all for naught. What a waste.

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