Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW 8 bottles a day!

Oh man! I know that the best way to cure winter dryness is to moisturize from within—hydrate, hydrate, hydrate—but the six to eight bottles of water a day seems insurmountable. And impossible to keep track of, since I don’t grab a fresh bottle of H2O each time. I just fill up the last bottle from the water filter jug or the tap. After two or three bottles, who can remember how many refills you’ve done?


Figure out how many refills you need, and put that many rubber bands on the bottle. When you finish the bottle, take off one of the bands. Refill. Drink. Take off another rubber band. True, you will end up with rubber bands in little piles in every room of the house, your purse, desk, car, but hey—you’re drinking the right amount!

It works for me!

Click over to WFMW for tons of tips that could work for you.


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