Mom blog: Because I Said So! Valentine presents

On the one-week anniversary of Valentine’s Day, finally some photos:


Here are three of my Valentine’s presents, made at the kitchen table and now sitting happily on my work desk. The black one with the flowers is by Luka, and he selected all the gems and where they should go.

The blue one is one that he wanted to keep for himself, but decided that he should make a new one “black on the body, with blue rocket things pointing up and out.”


I thought the blue one looked like flower petals, so that shows what I know!


There is nothing in the world like a homemade gift, I firmly believe that. Nothing can ever replace objects made by children, with their little hands and fertile minds and unspoiled imaginations. I think it’s a flower, my son thinks it’s a rocketship. So cool! I have little clay figures, wood carvings, necklaces, pins, tiles, mugs and plates and more made by my kids, and they’ll be prying them out of my cold, dead fingers when I go.

Er, that’s pretty cheery.

Now, Graydon distinguished himself on the day with a gift to me and our neighbour, but that will have to wait until I find the photo.

Bye for now!

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  1. I agree with you and have sooo many home made gifts and drawings from my kids that will never leave my presence (or house!)

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