Mom blog: Because I Said So! Five days later…

Mom Blogger JacquelynCan I spell MIA? Where have I been? Hiding under a large rock, that’s where. You know how it is, you leave the dinner dishes in the sink because you just don’t have time to face them. The next day you rinse them with really hot water, but you have enough clean ones to get by without washing them, so you turn a blind eye. Day Three you make dinner and tell one of the kids it’s their turn to do the washing up, and by Day Four it’s time to take homework to Tim and Wendy’s house (er, restaurant) and eat and work everyone’s way through dinner. Then if you’re lucky, Day Five is actually Friday and you can drive to your family’s ancestral home 90 minutes away and visit and eat there.

It isn’t a Hallmark card, but what is?

So, over the last five days I have let the dishes/taxes/life/laundry/appointments/blog postings pile up. But we’re all well-fed, the heat is on and I’m getting work done like gangbusters at the office (and good thing, that). So, get ready for catch-up postings, beginning with Valentine’s Day.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe there should be a Hallmark card for that kind of pseudo-respite. I notice there is a “Spastic Colon Sunday” card to get out of work on Monday…

  2. Everyone’s life can be just as you described … nice to know your “normal” like the rest of us 🙂 LOL Okay seriously now … don’t be so hard on yourself ~ you have a lot on your “plate” so to speak and if you get behind once in a while that is understandable. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

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