Mom blog: Because I Said So! Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope you’re feeling the love on this buy-a-card-buy-a-gift-buy-some-candy special day, Valentine’s Day. I got hugs and kisses from my littlest guy even before breakfast, so the day is off to an excellent start!


These are the cards that Tessa made, and Luka is giving out today to his Grade 2 girl classmates. The boys will be getting very masculine American Chopper cards complete with a tattoo—Luka is currently sporting tattoos on his neck, collarbone, hand, forearm and shin, and he sees it as a form of self-expression that can’t be beat. I know, very stereotypical sexist stuff, but he took such a major fit at the prospect of giving hearts to his guy friends that I gave in.

And what did I buy myself for Valentine’s Day?


From Danier, at 50% off, for $30. The snazziest gloves I now own, and a match for my purse colourwise, which is also new, since I never do the matchy-poo thing with shoes/bag/gloves. So I have a spring in my step.

At dinner we’ll be trading Valentine stories, and a little gift or two. I’ll share those tomorrow—maybe you’ll share yours with me?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is a good one, and that you get all the hugs and kisses you can!


5 Responses

  1. NICE GLOVES!!!! What an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Do they come in moss green?

  2. Hi- well at least u got something without saying what u wanted. Sure i got it, the Lindor chocolates- but it would be nice to get something without asking. Or the usual when i get paid comment- i can get a card at the dollar store & a teddybear.

    Also what has irked me today- i have a friend- male- and well i figure one an get friends cards- u know the not lovey duvey sort just hello- well got the i am not doing so its inappropriate- sort of hurt my feelings

  3. Whooo, nice gloves. We didn’t do much. Youngster #2 had a FRIEND not a girl friend but a friend who is a girl (I’m secretly hoping they marry 15 years from now because she’s a cool kid)

  4. Nice gloves indeed. Im pregnant and on v-day my MIL found an old childrens valenting that was from when my husband was a kid. Makes me excited about when my son starts school and has to do the whole valentine thing! 🙂

  5. Valentine’s Day we opted not to go for the commerialized route of celebrating … instead we had a family dinner at our son’s home… we were all there my hubby & I made dinner (baked ziti, meatballs & sweet Italian sausage… brownies & lemon squares for dessert) … by “we were all there” I mean ~ my husband & I, our sons & their wives & children & our daughter & son in law, and we were blessed to have my uncle & my mom join us. We had a lot of fun.

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