Mom blog: Because I Said So! WFMW get the Valentine you want…


12040563_m_over_1.jpgWhen I was married, I did pretty well at Valentine’s—Godiva chocolates (a box of the one chocolate I loved the best—which they discontinued—maybe that was a sign?!?), pink and red carnations (the Slovenian flower of love, his background, and not nearly as dear as roses, so I got tons) and sometimes, jewellery. My jewellery coup was a Tiffany ring that I kept photos of on the fridge for over two years, hint, hint, no kidding. (Tiffany & Co. still sells this line of course, and it would make my day, no, decade, if anyone would like to step forward and declare their love for me with a matching bracelet as a get-to-know-you trinket.) But now I’m single, and no one is buying me a Valentine gift, so I bought myself one. Tune in tomorrow to see what it is. It might not be romantic, but It Works for Me! For more smarty ideas, head over to WFMW.


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