Mom blog: Because I Said So! Hey, maybe I should have a contest too…

Mom Blogger JacquelynChristine, you are so smart! Having a contest is cool. People love contests. I once won four seats at a Jays game, but the envelope the courier delivered was mysteriously empty, and no one I called had any answers for me, so my excitement was a little short-lived. The Jays lost anyway, so I got over it.
But a contest for a Mom Blog? What would the contest be? Your proudest Mommy moment? Your home-teaching triumph? The most original first words from the mouths of babies? Or, goofiest photo? Most heart-rending story? Most colourful Day from Hell story? Gosh, the ideas are endless!
Now, about the prizes. I’d go for straight cash, but, checking my pockets right now, I’ve got about $5.25, and I don’t think that’s too impressive. Maybe a gift card for baby shoes, or toddler toys, or a new three-wheeler. Or, duh, a prize for the MOM. So, I’ll tell you what. You think of some themes for a Mom Blog contest, and I’ll talk to the LOVELY WEB EDITOR, HELEN, and I’ll see what we can come up with. Get thinking! Get writing!


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