Mom blog: Because I Said So! Baby bottle scare—need more info! No Fight Friday—want your say-so!

Mom Blogger JacquelynAnd so, the moms who thought the plastic liners in their Playtex bottles were the cause of all types of future cell deformities, who first stopped using them in the microwave because that would blast the plastic chemicals into hyperdrive, then warmed the bags in warm water while the infant screamed and screamed, then couldn’t take the stress and opted for plastic bottles made by THE BIG NAMES (Playtex, Gerber, Avent) because glass bottles could shatter and that wasn’t good for baby either, are now finding out from Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence, that even these bottles are leaching the chemical bisphenol A into our little ones. The study was commissioned by the Canadian group and carried out by researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia. It sure has raised a ton of interest among parents and bloggers alike.

CTV has an excellent story covering all the angles.

A company that reps the bottle manufacturers—Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (go the bottom right corner of the home screen for the PDF) says the levels are safe. And what would we expect them to say?

And if you’re asking “what is this bisphenol A stuff?” just go here and maybe you won’t be worried at all. has an excellent article on what this latest study has stirred up.

The Family Review and Award Center is a site that reviews just about everything that a family with kids needs, and they have an interesting take on the situation.

Some opinions from some very good mom bloggers out there in the blogosphere:

Mom Go Green
Baby 411 Authors
Mama Drama

You can buy bisphenol A–free baby bottles made by a number of manufacturers—even Gerber makes a few. Is this Gerber’s attempt at making all of the people happy all of the time? Or insightful product development, placement and roll-out?

How do you feel? Is it just more proof that breast is best? Will you be tossing out your plastic bottles? Will you be doing some research to see if you’re keeping them? What will you do?

It’s definitely food for thought over the weekend.

Which just so happens to start with a No Fight Friday. I’m ready to start mine. Are you ready to start yours? I might one day want to do an article on how to start off the perfect family weekend, so send me how YOUR No Fight Friday shaped up. You have all weekend to do it!


(that’s you typing in a response to TWO questions:
1) what’ll you do with the plastic baby bottles
2) how was your No Fight Friday?)
(Am I pushing my luck?)


2 Responses

  1. 1. Baby bottles – never used them to feed my babes, just to hold expressed ‘extra’ breast milk to freeze ‘just in case’… which never happened (a good thing I guess!)and I really have no idea what I did with them… probably gave them to someone. If I had some now, I’d probably take them to be recycled.

    2. The only kid here tonight is my kitten, so no fighting going on tonight. The one kid still living at home is working tonight. All the Fridays of the past are distant blurs now (thankfully!!!) replaced by happy purring (finally.. peace)

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  2. 1) Breast fed all 3 of mine in fact my first born son set the trend he refused pacifiers so none of my children were given them… they all survived without using a nuk or any other name they are called by … did express extra breast milk, stored in small glass jars & donated to the local milk bank (yes 30 years ago in my area we had a local milk bank for babies who couldn’t be breast fed by their moms and were not striving on formulas and their doctors wanted them on breast milk) … but my grand children all 3 of them have used the bottles … youngest one is the only one still on a bottle roughly 3 times a day now. So for my future grands I would like more info & thank you for the heads up … I can inform my children to research this for themselves & make more informed decisions when they are chosing how to feed their babies.

    2)It’s just hubby & me ~ so I can’t speak on what works or how we manage no fight fridays I wish I had thought of or heard of them when my children were young then I could have tried it out!

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