Mom blog: Because I Said So! Snow day, snow play?

Mom Blogger Jacquelyn“THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT THE SNOW THAT BRINGS OUT THE SMILES IN PEOPLE.” I heard this today from someone who walked into the office. The speaker was obviously not at my house this morning. Tessa, the dancer with the back that cracks and pops, was doing the shovelling, and I was screaming at Graydon to get up, dressing Luka, packing homework (mine and Luka’s), feeding the bunnies and making four lunches. I might have sprinkled chopped papaya and pineapple on one of the tuna sandwiches, but, oh well. I just hope it isn’t mine….

There were no smiles outside my house. Car doors were frozen shut. Someone has walked away with the big shovel, leaving only the very heavy metal small shovel. I think it is actually a spade. The ice-scraping end of the brush is now a separate tool, and we almost have to get up on the hood of the car to scrape the ice off the windshield. I bought new wipers and had them installed on Monday, and had all the fluids flushed and changed and topped-up. Yeah Mum!!! Then the wiper motor (I guess?) died halfway to the junior school. Eegad.

But I have one girl sick with a bad cold, and a boy sick with being to tired to get up. Hmmmm.
Luka and I had a good snow day yesterday. I did all my homework; he did almost all of his. He read (this 7-year-old has not been bitten by the reading bug yet) a bit, which is fine. He watched no TV, because Mummy had control of the TV. She did not have control of the mouse, however, which disappeared. It was still missing this a.m.

We made pancakes in belated honour of Shrove Tuesday. We vacuumed up the end of the pine needles from Christmas, leading Luka to observe, “You know how it smells at Christmastime? I’m having a smell déjà vu! That is so cool!”

Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, his request.
We were going to make Rice Krispie squares, but he opted to save the big white marshmallows for that later, and to eat the multicoloured mini marshmallows right away. We sorted a lot of toys; he played some handheld Pokemon game.

The day before snow day he and some friends went swimming (I exaggerate, but friend Darlene said one boy really WAS swimming in the gully, a neat breaststroke) and as a result Luka’s boots were so soaked even the hairdryer wouldn’t work to dry them out. So Luka spent the whole day inside. I think our parents might have shoved our feet in plastic bags and shoved us out the door to play, but I didn’t. I never have. SO HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU!

Do you think little kids, and say how old, should play outside every day, even if they say they don’t want to?

I would LOVE some opinions here! Thanking you in advance…


(this is you, typing in a comment)


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  1. I don’t think kids of any age should be forced to play outside if they don’t want to. If the kids need to let off steam, they can do jumping jacks, run up and down the stairs, jump on their beds (not Mum and Dad’s) or whatever.

  2. I can’t tell you the number of people I spoke to in the schoolyard the other morning who said, “I put their feet in plastic bags and made them wear their boots…wet or not”. The only problem was the kids that wore regular shoes or are lucky enough to have two pairs of boots were calling the other kids “Plastic feet”…hmm…small price to pay for avoiding pnemonia (? spelt right)if you ask me. Heck isn’t that what Canadian winters are all about…smelling that musty wool scent and the damp clothing…feels like only yesterday. Yes, take the children out at any age take them out!

  3. Darn straight!

  4. This last snowfall actually made me wish I was still young enough (and limber enough!) to make snow angels….
    Hopefully all kids get a chance to play outside everyday at school recess – even if that involves snow fort battles and ice slide injuries.
    When they’re teenagers they should be shoveling snow on a regular basis! Or walking the dog, or going to the store to get milk (so we don’t have to do it ourselves). I like the snow from my office window, it’s lovely. To look at.

  5. Well, I think that it depends on the day and what’s going on in the house. If it’s a pretty snow day & the kids are off school.. or it’s a gorgeous sunny snowy day then yes I think that they should go outside, even for a short while. The ideal situation is to go outside with them.. I’m thinking elementary aged kids and teens.. think of something fun like tobogganing, skating or building a snowman in the yard… really anything can be fun in the snow.. for older kids, go on a picture taking walk, or taking pictures of the family or friends out in the snow. The possibilities are endless.

  6. Where has my youth gone? I used to love being out in the snow, we would especially enjoy playing King of the Hill because the snow plow (that plowed the street) always seemed to pile up the snow on top of the fire hydrant. Which was right at the end of our driveway. But then I grew up and with marriage came children. I would send mine out to play if the “fresh air” would be better for them then the “stuffy air” of indoors. Ages 5 & up. On especially cold days we would stay inside & enjoy some hot chocolate and play games or read books. And if they said they didn’t want to go outside I don’t really recall pushing the issue with them … after all there are plenty of times I would much rather stay cozy warm inside on a cold winters day. Now they are grown & dealing with this same question… but their children are all 3 & under so it isn’t that difficult to decide. Fresh air is best any time of year even in small doses so if you can get outside even for 15 minutes & breath in that fresh (cold) air and not kill your lungs then I say go for it.

  7. I think it is best for all kids to get outside at least once a day, and should be more often, and longer if the weather is nice. It is a fact that it is healthier
    The trick is getting them to want to go out. I’m a grandma now, and I still have 2 four year olds living at home, and I’ve always daycared my other grandkids, and we have our teenaged son here still. So at least once a day we all go has always been the rule..I’m going out so everyone has to go out. Then we try to have a great time, so they will want to stay out…(while I sneak back inside for a cup of tea!). My husband used the snowblower to create a giant hill in the middle of the yard, and he snowblows pathways (especially this winter as it looks like we are living in the far north!) Winter requires little snowshovels, warm clothes and yes plastic bag socks to keep feet dry! Spring is a great time for creating great mud messes, and puddle splashing…going for a walk in search of the best puddles, encourages little ones to trudge on. Then comes summer and that is just the best, but do make the effort to provide umbrellas for shade. We put up a car canopy over the giant sandbox to give shade, and a place for me to sit and read out of the sun. I guess a desire to be outside needs to be nutured.

  8. Especially this winter with all the snow we got it`s quite a rare treat to have snowbanks so high that you can snowboard down them. The kids have built snow forts and labyrinths all over the front lawn how awesome is that.

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