Mom blog: Because I Said So! A Sweet 16; parenting course in practice

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty productive, with highlights and lowlights, and I’m not talking hair.


Today my niece Paige, one day old in the pic above, celebrates her 16th birthday. We celebrated with a brunch yesterday of Nigella-inspired dishes cooked by my sister, her mum, including the fabulous salt and pepper chicken wings from Feast, and a marble scratch cake by Paige’s dad’s mum. My mum, and her totally new hip, are not yet contributing dishes to family gatherings (but she did manage a slice of the cake and a piece of pie filled with wild blueberries from Elliot Lake). Paige, despite her standing as the county’s top female athlete, and the fact we haven’t seen her in a dress since she was seven, definitely had the Sweet 16 thing down:

“Tessa! I love it! It’s sweet!

“Nana, this is sweet.”

“Juli—this rocks! it is SWEET!

“Guy, this is too sweet!


And so is she!

Happy birthday Paige!

No Fight Fridays
images.jpgAll was a success until around 10 p.m., when a few tossed pizza crusts led to other items flying through the air until all retreated to their respective rooms. After a cooling off period, the evening came to a natural close. Not a proud moment for No Fight Fridays, but we learn as much from our failures as we do from our successes. Pizza crusts will no longer be used as a way to budge someone in an argument. We’ll restrict ourselves to words only.

I am striving to make this “teen parenting thing” work. I am reminding myself of my parenting course. I am reviewing the notes. I am practising mindful breathing.

If I keep going, I’ll be here tomorrow. Do check in!


3 Responses

  1. What a SWEET blog to read about myself. I feel so special. Yes, it was a great birthday, too bummed I couldn’t have stayed longer and NOT gone to work. But once again, it was great to see you, and thanks for the SWEET wallet. It’s filled with my junk, and is in use as we speak.

    Thanks for the blog once again, it makes me feel special.

    -Love, Paige.

  2. Sounds like a sweet party. I have the Nigella Lawson book “Feast” with that wing recipe – it’s the best Nigella book of all, tons of great stuff. The honey cake with butterscotch sauce is too die for. If you can swing it, get it.

  3. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Paige 🙂 So nice to meet you. May all your birthdays be filled with such love & happiness.

    As for no fight Fridays… yes you made it all the way to 10 pm that is great!!! And you all learned no more pizza crusts for prodding along … so not too much of a failure. And of course you will manage the teen parenting … remember what does not kill you makes you stronger! Remember to breathe deeply and exhale (nice big cleansing breathes help a lot when you are a parent of any age!) … relax you can do this. Repeat 😉

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