Mom blog: Because I Said So! Big think, big thanks, No Fight Friday!

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt’s Friday, whee-hee!
The list is small for this weekend: lots of work from work, big visit and a Sweet-16 birthday brunch (details on Monday), preparing for my 14-year-old son to start a new school Monday morning. That means shiny new binders (recycled, but cleaned), sharpened pencils, pens that work, a list of current textbooks and any marked tests that he can come up with. I have a copy of the dress code—no gang bandanas, actually, no bandanas of any kind, dang what will I do with those Scooby-Doo bandanas I made??)—so we’ll be doing laundry, I’m sure. It is ALL about the laundry, you know.

I went here after hearing about it on CBC Sunday (and I heard it on the radio before that, but had no Sharpie to write on the dash!). I cannot put into words how excellent, thought-provoking and simply smart this website is. should be required surfing—and I am going to require both my teens to go to this site for 15 minutes a day starting today, for a week. Go here, for Steven Pinker’s thoughts on the influences that parents have on their kids (he will lift your guilt!). If you go, let me know the best thing you find, and we can all have a look!

My ex-father-in-law and ex-hub not just fixed the faucet, but Grandpa bought us a whole new one.6410_1101.jpg
last night. He is retired now, but when he was 14 he was building houses in Timmins, and retired after a huge career in education (a PhD) and a distinguished record with the Regiment. And he still loves to work with his hands—it’s his back that doean’t want to play along. So, this is a huge thank-you to my father-in-law, and all father-in-laws who take care of their daughters-in-law, even when they’re ex, and a shout to ex-husbands who still have an interest (practical and financial) in their family’s well-being, leaky faucets and all.

This is a late post today, and at this time the Toronto District School Board has closed all their schools. I’d had prepared for a quiet day of work at home, and by noon I’d received calls from all three schools, and now have all three kids plus an extra 14-year-old, Tory, in the house. May No Fight Fridays RULE!!

Talk to you on Monday. Hope all your weekends are fabulous.



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