Mom blog: Because I Said So! Feeling weirdly happy…

Mom Blogger JacquelynIt’s a weirdly happy day for me, started off by the fact my sainted father-in-law came to my house yesterday and washed all the dishes, and is returning today to fix the leaky faucet. I cleaned off the entire counter around the sink for the occasion, and making breakfast felt like I was working on a television set, maybe Martha’s, it was so clean and empty. Tessa made Luka’s lunch the night before—score! Save 15 minutes in the morning and they’re all my minutes.
Then, I hear Britney is finally getting a mental health evaluation, and I want to hug someone. This woman’s
experiences, plastered all over the media, will bring so much attention to mental health and addictions (I hope she just plays with drugs and there isn’t a true addiction there as well) that maybe our countries will finally realize the cost and devastation of mental illness, and the fact that it can hit anyone. Brit will also be dashing down stigma, because gosh, it’ll be all over the news. I hope she gets the diagnosis she needs and the right professionals to help her.

Tessa just called from school to report a 94 per cent in her media arts exam, and Graydon is volunteering at Luka’s ice-skating afternoon school adventure. And then Graydon and I go to register him at his new school, which he starts on Monday.

Things are feeling pretty good. I hope they are with you too. Are you happy about Britney? Can you seven year old skate? Do you have a mouse living under your sink that your father-in-law might meet up with today?

There’s supposedly a wicked storm heading in for tomorrow, so I’ll work at home, which just happens to be No Fight Friday #2.

Talk to you tomorrow in the thick of it!

2 Responses

  1. Learning to skate tip: when my kids learned to skate at their local arena with their grade 2 classes, the teachers let them take those stackable chairs out on the ice. They really work, the kids have something to hang on to for stability and the kids that need a break can sit down and get pushed around like in a wheelchair. It was ideal.

  2. Good days have to come. We’re getting close to the new year – The Year of the Rat!. – Remember the song – “there’s a rat in the kitchen…”

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