Mom blog: Because I Said So! Hiccup relief


It’s a super-short Works for Me Wednesday tip that ALL parents, teachers, babysitters, in short, all people who can’t stand the sound of hiccupping, needs. Our family’s cure for hiccups:

Take a breath and swallow three times. But, you must take a little breath in between the swallows. Here is the play-by-play:

1. take a deep breath
2. hold it
3. swallow
4. take a little breath ON TOP OF THE BREATH YOU’RE HOLDING IN
5. keeping holding
6. swallow
7. take in another teeny breath ON TOP OF THE BREATH YOU’RE HOLDING IN
8. swallow
9. gasp in any air you can
10. slowly, let out all that air

It takes a little practice, and yes, you and the kids may feel as though you’re passing out (oh, mums and dads: don’t use this technique if you have the hiccups and you’re driving, operating a fork-lift or flying a plane), but it WORKS FOR ME! And better than that, it works for my kids and their friends.

Click over to Shannon’s blog for a couple of hundred links to other tips!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for your comment about my backpack storage. It clips around the top and bottom of the door – no attaching needed. SO simple! Thanks for asking!

  2. Neat tip. My husband’s fool proof hiccup rememdy is to tell the person he will give them $10 if they hiccip again. They have can! It is the most fun with little kids that will try to force themselves to hiccup.

  3. I don’t know if this written explanation will be understandable but here goes, this works for us everytime:
    1. take a medium size glass and fill half full with water
    2. lay a dishtowel over the glass, then pick up the glass and tighten the dishtowel underneath
    3. drink the glass of water, slowly, through the dishtowel, from the wrong side of the glass (yes, you are having to bend over to tip the glass in order to drink)
    Does this make sense?

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