Mom blog: Because I Said So! Guest blogger on shopping with Mom

In this case, I am the Mum, and it’s my daughter, Tessa, who was doing the real shopping. She is my guest blogger today, and will show off her most recent stealin’ deals from the likes of Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21, all of which also have online shopping too. There are pics and commentary, but she is asleep right now. So bookmark her now, and check back around, what time do teenagers arise on the day after they’ve written their last exam??? Try noon, maybe?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what she posts…

Well it’s finally Tessa, a couple of hours late. Sorry to anyone who checked back here at noon, because I didn’t wake up until after 1 p.m.! Don’t worry, I don’t usually sleep in this late, but exams have been keeping me up for the past while and I finally got some rest. So my mum has promised that I would do a blog on our shopping lately, with pictures and comments… I just want to be clear I’m not trying to advertise for these stores, I’m just very happy with the purchases we made! Plus this is a great time to show off the kind of deals my mum and I find (we do find some pretty good ones I have to admit).


I wanted this lamp for ages but it was way too expensive (as is everything at Urban Outfitters). Luckily my mum and I found it on sale for $20! I realize I could find a lamp cheaper at Walmart, but I doubt they’d sell insanely bright pink deer lamps.


Pretty legwarmers for $12.90 at Forever 21. You can’t see it here but there’s a fine gold thread running through, and they are super soft.


It’s a much more stunning bracelet in real life and it was only $9.90 at Forever 21.


My mum’s belt from H&M that was $16, and marked down to an incredible $2! We bought one for her and one for Luka, because of the cute bunny print and the camouflage colours. She’s wearing hers today—this must be Luka’s.


A cool anchor necklace for $9.90 at Forever 21. I love nautical, and so does that store.

So those were some of our purchases (the ones with the best prices). I suggest if you plan on shopping at Urban Outfitters, head straight for the sales! Otherwise it’s just a little bit ridiculous. They have online too, with better pricing than in-store for some items.

Come back and read my mum’s blog please!! 😀

5 Responses

  1. I love the lamp, trés funky.

  2. WOW! Great deals. I’ve got a gift voucher for 140$ that I can use at any store. It’s been with me for weeks. Maybe you should take me shopping someday:-)

  3. Thank you Tessa for sharing with your great shopping experience with us. My mom is the “one to shop with if you are looking for bargains” normally and somehow she has passed it on to not me so much but my daughter. Sarah has been a very good “bargain” shopper since she was around your age. One of the key things is exactly what you said… head straight for the sales otherwise the pricing can be ridiculous. Enjoy your fun purchases even more because you were patient enough for them to be at reasonable prices.

  4. Bargain hunting at the good stores is so much more satisfying than buying junk at Walmart. I have never heard of Forever 21 but I will make sure I find one now. Thanks!

  5. Tessa – you’re just like my mom and I. Any one of those expensive stores, go straight to the sale racks. You always get the best deals. haha. how about you & me go shopping next time and get the good deals.

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