Mom blog: Because I Said So! Family literacy, No Fight Fridays update

Mom Blogger JacquelynFAMILY LITERACY
My mother uses the expression “a day late and a dollar short,” and that describes perfectly my lateness with Family Literacy Day, which was January 27—yesterday. We were so busy doing cloze exercises (I had no idea until two years ago what this word meant—I thought those sentences were called “fill in the blanks”) that the wonderful opportunity to read together as a family was lost. Never mind that I can’t imagine how a 7, 14 and 16 year old would read together. I read with Luka every night. Tessa devours books holed up in her room. I mistakenly ripped one of Graydon’s hip-hop fanzines in half in a frenzy of recycling Sunday morning, so I don’t think I’d have gotten far with a plea to read to him. Heavens knows not one of them knows how to read the Chore Chart I have so carefully taped to the fridge with red masking tape.

ABC Canada Literacy Foundation is behind Family Literacy Day and the many events held across the country to encourage reading. There was a contest this year, won by a Winnipeg family, that had as a prize a two-day trip to Great Wolf Lodge and a private reading by Robert Munsch. (I saw a fascinating interview of Mr. Munsch by Evan Solomon on CBC’s Sunday—there’s a man really working on increasing literacy and decreasing the stigma around mental health problems!)

Luka said to me that playing video games was funner than reading. I said funner is not a word, honey. He said Mummy, it’s like the word better—fun is fun, and funner is like fun only better.

Er, no. Reading is funner than video games. So much work to do, so little time.

It worked. We had no fights on Friday, and we spent several hours together, drove to dance, drove to Tim’s, went back to dance and hung out, drove downtown (30 minutes each way on a Friday night), drove back, no fights. Mind you, I nagged no one to wash dishes, attend to the aforementioned Chore Chart, take a bath, finish vegetables—we had a salad and shrimp—who could complain?—or did anything to stir the pot.

Could that be the answer for a peaceful house? Mummy drives all over town, makes food everyone likes and asks for no help?

Is the price too high?


3 Responses

  1. Only you can really answer that … is the price too high? Well how did you feel afterwards? Was it nice & peaceful? Or did you find yourself feeling upset that no one even bothered to offer you help since you were doing everything you could to keep the peace? In any event you managed to have a no fight friday and I’m sure you are doing a great job of mothering your children. This time really does pass by quickly … not while you’re “in” it but once it passes you will be amazed at how swiftly it flew by you with no warning. So I say keep up the great job & do all you can to enjoy your time with them, communicate your values & what is important to you no one else can share with them what is in your heart but you.

  2. I posted an update about the orange pumice soap.

  3. I thought ‘cloze exercises’ was the latest fitness craze in town.
    Doing the dishes is certainly more relaxing than reading with/to the kids.

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