Mom blog: Because I Said So! No Fight Fridays

Mom Blogger JacquelynExhale anyone who read yesterday’s post. Graydon cleaned the baby powder off the TV screen, since it is the thing he stares at second most in the world, and his friend didn’t come over. Graydon read this as: my friend doesn’t come over, I don’t have to clean up my mess from the shaving-foam-bug-spray-baby-powder fight. How weird! As a parent and an adult, I would have read it this way: friend doesn’t come over, dang, I have to clean up this mess by myself. Aren’t kids funny like that? Especially teens, who have a strange new way of interpreting the simplest of action=consequence situations.

Which brings me to my latest concept in the quest for a creative, peaceful, well-run home: No Fight Fridays.


Friday is the happiest day of the week, so I’m floating out the idea that we’ll make it even better by all making a huge effort to be ducks for the day and let every get-your-back-up thing just roll OFF your back.

My Grade 2 guy gets the concept.

Graydon will benefit if he plays along, because it means no yelling about the fight cleanup (except that he has taken responsibility for it and must complete the cleanup).

Tessa wrote two exams yesterday and danced at the studio until 9 last night, and then danced and choreographed at home until 1 a.m. She will have no energy to fight.

No Fight Friday looks like a success so far. Mind you, it’s 8:15 in the morning.

Would No Fight Friday work in your house? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Have a great weekend!


3 Responses

  1. I like it! It would take a Herculean effort at my house. I may start simple and try for “no fight 5:00” .

  2. Can’t go by me … not sure if it would have worked when the kids were teens since half the battle was me & my reactions to them & what they had done or said… so not high chances of it working with me in the picture. But after how well you handled your reaction to the smell battle in your home I would think you may be able to pull this no fight fridays off. I’m cheering for all of you to manage to have this work! Once you do maybe you can add another No fight day to your calendar.

  3. I can visualize a peaceful no fight Friday if my daughter goes out with her friends, my son is alone with his PS3 and I go to bed by 5:30pm.

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