Mom blog: Because I Said So! Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything review; want to stop smoking?

Mom Blogger JacquelynI know the only reason you are reading this is because you’ve been gasping for the review of the Veggie Tales movie. Well this flick separates me from the kids (I knew something, somewhere, someday, would do this). Seven-year-old Luka and his buddy not only loved this movie, they want to go back again! Last night I must have heard pleadings and wheedlings to that effect 20 times. In the theatre, sitting again in the second row due to the gazillion kids and parent seeing this movie at 5 to 5 on a Sunday night—I assumed people would be eating Sunday dinner—so apparently did a lot of other people—the two little guys sat on the edge of their seats, did not ask for popcorn or pop or candy, laughed their heads off and had a great time. I went spare watching the veggie characters swordfight with no arms (because vegetables don’t have arms!), bounce EVERYWHERE (because vegetables don’t have legs!) and wonder why some characters have eyes and some don’t, and the ones without eyes wear glasses over their blank vegetable skins? I found it creepy! The dialogue is straightforward kid level, I couldn’t find a joke that was funny, except for some sight gags, and the attack of the cheesies, complete with blinding white teeth, has traumatized the cheese ball lover in me. It was SO CREEPY! Last night Luka was actually spouting quotes from the movie. That usually doesn’t happen until he has seen it in DVD form a couple of times.

As parents, we learn something new about our kids every day. I learned mine Sunday and Monday and I’m sure I’ll hear it again today!

Want to Stop Smoking? For Free?

The free part holds if you live in Ontario and have a participating pharmacy nearby. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is opening a study in The STOP Study program that will pay for your nicotine replacement patches, inhaler or gum if you qualify. It’s National Non-Smoking Week this week, and if you’re a parent, you have at least one good reason to quit. Two kids = two reasons. Etc. I smoked for 14 years, and it was one of the stupidest things I ever did (and the only one I will be chronicling here). Click here for details on the CAMH program. Quit now! You CAN do it.

This is for me, not you. My parenting workshop series ends tonight, and our facilitators told those of us who have lasted for the entire program that we’ll get pizza tonight to celebrate that fact we are now perfect parents. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. I’ll summarize everything I learned on Thursday’s post. Until then, “You may bask in my glow” (my ultimate fave quote from the king lemur from Madagascar, an excellent kid flick) of educated parenting—my tongue is so far in my cheek I may never retrieve it!!!

Look for it!


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  1. I love our blog it is the only one i actually fallow!!! you are very funny and whity

  2. i love *the blog lol

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